Le Cellier | Disney World

If I had to name one restaurant in all of Disney World as my favorite – this would probably be it. This restaurant is located in a cave (made to look like a huge wine cellar – really cool) within the Canadian pavilion. I know what you are thinking, what food is Canada famous for? To be honest, I’m not sure. I don’t think it is steaks. Maybe poutine, which is their famous appetizer. Either way Disney decided to throw one of the best steakhouses in this pavilion and it is great.

Food (9.9)

There is a HUGE bias here so be mindful of that when reading here. Two of my favorite foods are french fries and steaks. So the ability to eat french fries with some crazy add ons (essentially poutine – think cheese, red wine reduction, truffle, etc) and a steak for my entrée and you could tell me with little convincing that I died and went to heaven. Well, that’s exactly what I got here.

Before the appetizer came the standard gluten free bread rolls. They weren’t bad and were heated up nicely. You get a separate plate of butter to avoid cross contamination with your own butter knife. Good start but definitely not the highlight of this dinner experience.

For appetizer we ordered two different poutines. The first one contained the following: fresh cut fries, red wine braised short rib, herb salt, cheese curds, red wine tomato demi, burrata and aged balsamic. I didn’t think I’d like this one but it was un-freaking-believable. I couldn’t stop eating it. The other poutine we got contained the following: fresh cut fries, Canadian cheddar, truffle and red wine reduction. My mouth is still watering over the idea of both these appetizer dishes.

For entrée, I got the famous Le Cellier Filet Mignon which is AAA rated Canadian tenderloin (not sure what that means actually) which comes on top of a mushroom risotto with asparagus. It was – what’s that line in that fast food commercial – finger lickin’ good? Well, that’s a perfect description here. I also ordered the mashed potatoes and mushrooms which I only took a bite of because I was so full. I knew I’d never be able to fit all of that in my stomach but I couldn’t resist.

Service (9.9)

The service is outstanding here. I didn’t need to call the chef over in this instance because the server was very familiar with cross contamination concerns. Most servers in Disney are, but sometimes they aren’t – which is why you can always call over the chef. My server alerted me that they still cook their fries in a dedicated fryer but now cook the steaks on a shared grill for some odd reason. He told me the chef would be happy to sear it in a clean pan and then bake it. I didn’t notice a difference and it came out fantastic. Well done Le Cellier for taking such amazing steps to help a celiac sufferer out.

Menu (9.3)

This menu is great and offers a load of options. The one thing I wish they offered as an option was a gluten free version of their lobster mac n cheese. Also, a few of the steaks aren’t labeled as friendly for gluten free eaters but they can easily be modified on request. Other then that, you will love the gluten free options on their allergy friendly menu.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

The real question for this section should be, did I need to be rolled out of here and into my hotel bed because of how much I ate. The unequivocal answer would be yes but once again at Disney, I was completely gluten free and free from any issues.

Overall (9.8)

Like I said, this is probably my favorite restaurant in all of Disney World. My favorite THEMED restaurant with great food at Disney is still Sci Fi Dine In Theater, which is different. But in terms of overall food quality, service and menu options this is probably my favorite. I just love steak and fries so this place hits home for me on all angles. But even with my bias aside, this restaurant is fantastic and is always highly rated in Disney blogs and review sites. But keep in mind, it is a small restaurant so reservations fill up extremely quick 6 months in advance. So if you decide you want to eat here, forget trying to walk in and make sure you snag a reservation long ahead of your trip.