So Delicious: Mocha Almond Fudge Bar

It’s that time of year again where mother nature starts to get her act together and remembers it is actually Spring time. The weather has been getting warmer and everyone is finally shedding their cabin fever – at least I am. With that change in season comes a taste palette for some great warm weather foods. But mostly just ice cream. I’ve seen these So Delicious ice cream bars in the fridge at Whole Foods before but decided to give them a try.

Food (8.3)

These are pretty good actually. The fact that these are dairy free and still taste this good is a big plus (not that I have a problem with dairy). They have a great crunch on the outside chocolate shell which mixes in nicely with the creamy ice cream center. This is exactly what you would want from an ice cream/fudge bar. Tastes like summer!

Did I Get Sick (NO)

So this brand is interesting. They are certified GF which is a plus. But they process all of their foods on shared equipment. Normally I wouldn’t pay a dime towards this kind of product. But So Delicious describes their equipment cleaning process and their strict testing procedures to ensure that their products are free from the allergens they claim to be free from. There are brands out there, like Quest, who also have a certified GF label but don’t go to these measures. I don’t trust Quest as much as I like their products. But I do trust So Delicious and I equally enjoyed this product. Eat at your own risk but know that I didn’t have an issue. I highly doubt you would walk away with any issues but you must exercise your own judgement with products like these.

Overall (7.9)

This is a great product that tastes great. I think it would be hard to find certified GF ice cream bars that I didn’t like but this one has an asterisks next their name due to their manufacturing processes. Thankfully, this is a reputable company that goes to great lengths to disclose those practices to the end consumer. See my picture of the label to see what I mean. Although I commend their honesty, a few points must be deducted overall which is why this rating is less then the food rating. I enjoyed it and will continue to this summer, but exercise your own judgement. I’m just here to provide my experience, my review and relay all of that information to you.