Nomad Lounge | Disney World

Every year that my family and I travel to Disney World, there is always a little bit of research into what’s new and what has changed. Beyond that, our veteran status and deep experience typically dictates our highly scheduled trip. But with this new platform, Instagram, that I have been exploring over the last 9 months, a wealth of new information has been pouring through the floodgates. One of the places that has come with high recommendation was the Nomad Lounge in the Animal Kingdom theme park of Disney World. People have raved about the churros and they are even a bit famous on the Gram. I didn’t plan this visit to Nomad Lounge but I made sure to try it at some point anyway. Nomad Lounge is a bar that is attached but separate to the restaurant Tiffin’s (one of my favorite restaurants in Disney World – review coming soon). No reservation required as it is a first come first serve with many bar seats and lounge tables.

Food (9.6)

So we didn’t have a full dinner. Instead, we got a bunch of appetizer dishes to split. Those included are the meat plate, cheese plate, truffle cheese fries and the churros. All gluten free of course. The meats and cheeses were very tasty. There was a hefty variety of meats with a bunch of great cuts of different cheeses. Although the plates were great, this score is not reflective of those two dishes. This score is reflective of the truffle cheese fries and the legendary churros. The truffle cheese fries were by far the best dish of fries I had all trip. This was more of a poutine offering then your traditional cheese fries. This dish rivaled the poutine appetizers at Le Cellier in Epcot (review coming soon) but I think it was a tad bit better.

But let’s face it, a review isn’t worth writing if it is just about french fries and some meat & cheese plate. What really sets the review apart from the rest is the fact that you can get safe gluten free churros. My mouth is watering just writing this. These churros were better then expected and far surpassed the hype that surrounds them. Can any of you even remember the last time you had a churro? I remember them tasting good but I haven’t had them in probably over a decade. These were crunchy on the outside doused in cinnamon covering the best chewy dough I’ve had in years. And don’t even get me started on the vanilla and strawberry sauces that came with it, which were just as heavenly.

Service (N/A)

We sat at the bar and bartenders are typically not the most knowledgeable about food. Drinks are another thing, which they are clear experts in. But this is Disney, so even at the bar you get to talk to the chef if you choose, which I did. With that said, I can’t rate the service here because it doesn’t meet my criteria for a rating. But the chef was outstanding, as always.

Menu (N/A)

I can’t rate this section either as this isn’t a full menu. It is simply a bar menu. The options are limited for even those that can eat gluten. But the best parts are that they offer an allergy friendly menu and all of the best options, such as churros and truffle cheese fries are listed as gluten free. Both cooked in dedicated fryers of course.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

If you have been reading my Disney reviews, you know you can probably skip over this section from now on (until reviews for products and restaurants outside of Disney start rolling again). Haven’t gotten sick once at Disney World.

Overall (9.6)

Because service and menu don’t receive ratings here, this overall score is based entirely on the food rating. But in general, I think this place is an absolute must try for anyone in Disney World. Because we go to Disney World at such a busy time, the idea of doing something unplanned is completely uncharted territory for us. So to be able to walk into a lounge in the middle of Animal Kingdom, relax, drink and have incredible bar food is amazing. I highly recommend Nomad Lounge.