Boma’s | Disney World

So here is my first review (of many) of a restaurant within Disney World. Boma’s is located within the incredible Animal Kingdom Lodge which is one of my favorite hotels on the Disney property. The detail and theming within this hotel is so immersive that you really feel like you are in some sort of Lion King/African fantasy. The theming carries over into Boma’s, a buffet style restaurant located in the downstairs portion of the hotel, right next to Jiko’s. I’m not just talking about the décor but also the cuisine. We made a reservation for breakfast here 6 months before our trip but reservations can typically be found a few weeks out.

Food (9.7)

The food here is incredible and almost all of it is naturally gluten free. Yes, this is a buffet which is typically tough for those with celiac (including myself) due to the self serving nature and potential cross contamination issues. But Disney World is in a league of its’ own in terms of food safety. So let’s just focus on the food here and then get into the service side of things, which is typically the format I follow. The food is African influenced in all three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For our breakfast, I asked the chef if he could make me gluten free waffles using their allergy friendly mix in their allergy friendly mickey waffle maker. These are my favorite gluten free waffles on property, hands down. I don’t know what kind of mix they used but it must have been laced with crack or something because they are dangerously good. I still crave them today. The chef was also kind enough to grab me a few dishes (of my choosing) from fresh trays of food that hadn’t been put out yet to avoid cross contamination. I had carvings of pork, mushroom quiche, scrambled eggs mixed with cheese and ham and a cheddar bacon omelet. Everything was superb.

Service (9.9)

Everywhere in Disney will be above a 9 (for the most part). All cast members, wait staff and chefs are as knowledgeable as we are. There is no education required on our end and they will do everything they can to ensure a quality and safe meal for us. If you want to speak to a chef, they will happily allow that. A chef will come to your table, discuss your order, jot your order down and cook the meal themselves to ensure it is void of all gluten. The same applies here at Boma’s but because this is a buffet the chef will walk you down the line to discuss all your options.

Menu (N/A)

I can’t rate the menu here because the buffet is ever changing. But the chef will make you basically whatever you want and always has a stash of gluten free pastries, treats and desserts behind the scenes. All you have to do is ask for them and the chef will happily cook them up for you. Most of the items on the buffet line are gluten free naturally but your chef will discuss everything in detail with you anyway. Boma’s offers an allergen cheat sheet, which you can find at most major chains, but it isn’t helpful since cross contamination is the true enemy of someone with celiac. Allergen cheat sheet’s can’t account for that.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I have never gotten sick from Boma’s on any occasion at any of our annual trips over the last 8 years (since my celiac diagnosis).

Overall (9.8)

Whether you like African cuisine or not (or maybe you’ve never tried it), Boma’s is an absolute must for your Disney World dining itinerary. It is by far my favorite buffet on Disney property and is a restaurant I will always visit on each of my trips. Not just because the food options are incredible, which they are, but also because the chefs at this restaurant are some of the best and most accommodating that I have ever met. Do yourself a favor and dine at Boma’s on your next Disney World Trip. You won’t regret it.