Katz Chocolate Creme Cakes

I’ve reviewed many Katz products before and each one has been just as great as the last. This brand is truly our modern day gluten free Drake’s or Hostess. Remember those brands? They came out with some delicious gluten filled desserts many eons ago. Maybe they still do but I wouldn’t know (cough cough – Celiacs). So how do these chocolate crème cakes fare out in a growing gluten free dessert world?

Ease of Cooking (9.5)

Katz desserts, which need to be frozen, always get the same score in this category. Reason they score so high is because I LOVE the fact that they don’t need to be thawed. Sure, that might be the slightly better option. But they taste just as good after being in the microwave for a few seconds. Quick, easy and convenient. That’s all I ask from gluten free food products and Katz delivers every time on this front.

Food (8.6)

This is the first Katz product to receive less then a 9 in my ratings. This is still a very tasty dessert product and reminds me of Drake’s Yodels from back in the day. Chewy, moist and full of delicious crème in the center. I’m hungry again just writing about this. However, the chocolate cake outside left a tiny bit to be desired. I think it lacked a bit in flavor that all other Katz dessert products consistently deliver in such a great way. Saying this was bland would be a stretch but saying this was full of flavor would also be a stretch. These cakes fall somewhere in the middle. With that said, the moist chewiness of the chocolate cake and incredibly soft and crème-y center still makes this a mouthwatering dessert.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Katz products are made with gluten free ingredients and made in a dedicated gluten free facility. Eat these safely, happily and with confidence.

Overall (8.9)

I don’t want to give a Katz product below a 9 but I have to do so here. By all means, an 8.9 is still a stellar score but the tiny lack of flavor in the chocolate cake outer layer must be noted. This is still a mouthwatering dessert that I will eagerly seek out again. I loved it but I just didn’t love it as much as I loved the other Katz products I’ve tried.

Where Did I Get This?

I’ve been getting all my Katz products on Amazon. I think these delicious treats are just way too difficult to find in stores around here. Maybe you guys will have better luck but right now shelves are empty of these products. And if they do stock up on them, it is usually of just one variety. Katz has an insane amount of dessert varieties so if you want to try them all definitely head over to Amazon. Hopefully you are a prime member, it has saved me tons on food orders like this. (This is not an Amazon Prime plug – I am not affiliated with them, Katz or any other brand that I review).