Trader Joe’s Broccoli and Kale Pizza Crust

Trader Joe’s has no shortage of creative pizza crusts. From their cauliflower crust to their butternut squash crust. Now they have a broccoli and kale pizza crust. This is by far the most unique pizza crust I have ever seen. But comes as no surprise since Trader Joe’s specializes in such unique offerings. Keep in mind that this crust has been out for a little while but this is the first chance I’ve had to write a review for it. Read on for the full review.

Ease of Cooking (7.6)

I really hate cooking Trader Joe’s pizza crusts. Now grant it, my cooking equipment isn’t the best. My convection oven is a bit lop sided when it bakes and my bigger oven could start cooking something in the prehistoric era and still not be finished by now. But the review must reflect my personal experience so here it is. I find that Trader Joe’s crusts require way too many steps for a blank pizza crust. Put the crust in the oven upside down, flip it over halfway through, hope they don’t burn, take it out, cool off, add toppings, put whole pizza back in, bake it at a higher temp, then switch to broil, hope the crust still isn’t burned and that your smoke alarm hasn’t gone off. My taxes are typically less complicated, but I know most of you who love to cook will probably laugh at my over simplistic cooking needs. Regardless, this crust gets a lower then average score for an Up Yours Gluten review.

Food (8.5)

Now onto the all important taste test. How was the food? Well, it was pretty good. I was actually far more impressed then I thought I would be. But in all fairness, my expectations were quite low considering this was a crust made primarily of broccoli and kale. I love broccoli and kale separately, but I like my pizza with a higher cheese to veggie ratio. With all that said, the crust came out crispy and you can actually taste subtle flavors of broccoli and kale. It wasn’t overpowering and it wasn’t dull to the point where you think they just painted to the crust green. I’m not sure this crust will work with all kinds of toppings like their cauliflower or butternut squash crust does but it worked for my mozzarella, jack and sliced cherry tomato creation. I definitely prefer the butternut squash crust over this though.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I never get sick from Trader Joe’s products that are distinctly labeled GF. This is one of them.

Overall (8.1)

Overall this is a pretty good crust. If I had to stack up Trader Joe’s crusts and give them a standing (regardless of my scores) then this would be third. The cauliflower crust would be second place and the butternut squash crust would be in first with a big lead. I liked this crust but given the other choices I probably won’t be buying it again. As a last resort though, I’d have no problems with buying this again for a quick pizza craving fix.