Posh Pop Bakery | NYC

Totally gluten free bakeries are starting to pop up more and more. I’m not saying they can be easily found or are frequently entering existence. What I’m saying is that even 5 years ago the idea of a totally gluten free bakery was more wishful thinking then reality based. There has been one in NJ for many years and I consider them to be the pioneer in this space. It is called Plum Bakery in Montclair NJ. Then I learned of one out in Oregon that makes great gluten free bagels called New Cascadia (they used to ship). I learned later that other bakeries in NYC like By The Way Bakery and NoGlu (review coming in the future) also specialize in 100% gluten free desserts. Now, in a matter of a few weeks two more opened up shop in NYC. Modern Bread and Bagel, which is more of a bread shop then a bakery but also sells pastries opened their doors a few weeks ago. And finally, Posh Pop Bakery, formerly of South Jersey, just moved shop to NYC. SO MANY OPTIONS, at least in NYC. This review is of Posh Pop Bakery, where incredible artistry meets gluten free desserts.

Food (9.6)

The pastries and desserts here are simply phenomenal. There are so many options and almost all of them are cake based, in terms of recipe. I took home approximately $100 worth of desserts and tried them all. I was never disappointed and more then a few of the desserts were nothing short of incredible. Cake pops, cheesecake cups, chipwhiches (cookie sandwiches), cake slices, monkey bread, samoa cookies and cinnamon buns made up the majority of my purchases. Out of everything, my absolute favorite were the cake pops and cheesecake cups. The oreo cheesecake cup, oreo cake pops and monkey bread were my favorites out of everything. Soft, chewy and bursting with flavor. I was in awe for every bite and would rate them with high 9.9s. Everything else was incredible too but more along the lines of a 9.6, which is why I gave the overall food rating a 9.6.

One question I’ve been asked frequently is how Posh Pop compares to Modern Bread and Bagel. Both are newly opened totally gluten free shops in NYC but both are very different. Modern Bread and Bagel is much more of a bread and bagel shop, exactly what their name implies. Although they offer pastries, they are much more bread based. Posh Pop is much more cake based and doesn’t offer any kinds of breads or bagels, at least in my visit. The only direct comparison are their cinnamon buns. To complicate this further, Modern Bread and Bagel definitely has a much better cinnamon bun then Modern Bread and Bagel. If I were to give each a rating – MBB’s cinnamon bun receives a 9.9 and Posh Pop’s receives a 9.6. As you can see, both are incredible, but you are going to each shop with two entirely distinct different purposes. So overall, there really is no comparison.

Menu (9.4)

I simply can’t believe the amount of dessert options that Posh Pop has to offer. Everything just screams eye candy and looks incredible. The people behind these pastries are nothing short of artists that knows how to make each of us feel like true kids in a candy store. Between the cake pops, monkey bread, oreo cheesecake cups and much more – you just won’t find dessert options like these anywhere else. For now at least.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Totally gluten free bakery. No problems whatsoever. Although I had to question the counter clerk multiple times whether everything was really gluten free (I just couldn’t believe my eyes) – everything is totally safe. Eat happily, safely and confidently.

Overall (9.7)

This is by far the best gluten free bakery I’ve ever experienced. I know there aren’t many in this world nor have I experienced many but this place is truly amazing. This bakery is where artistry meets gluten free desserts. Those two things added together equals you feeling like a true kid in a candy store. You will love every bite of whatever you choose and will absolutely come away wanting more. My only question (which is the same question I have in my Modern Bread and Bagel review) is why a shop like this hasn’t been created sooner for the gluten free market? HIGHLY recommended.