Del Posto | NYC

Let me start of by saying that Del Posto of New York City is by far the best restaurant experience I’ve ever encountered. This is both from the gluten free standpoint and the general dining standpoint. I try to keep my intros short nowadays to give you quick, easy and convenient reviews of products and restaurants. But this place deserves a proper introduction.

First, let me say that Del Posto is the kind of restaurant you probably won’t go to that often. For me, it required months of saving to make sure I could even dine here, let alone splurge. It is ridiculously expensive and a special occasion kind of place, at least for me. But the experience, service and food are absolutely worth every hard-earned penny. The dining room is massive with two floors that just reeks of elegance and luxury. A grand staircase leads you to the upstairs with a piano playing elegant melodies that soothes your soul. You are supposed to feel like a king and queen being escorted to your table and being served (and you do) but since we are not part of any elite class, far from it, we ended up feeling lucky and honored. Once you are seated, you are greeted by multiple servers that are trained to the ultimate degree of high level service. You are not just served by one server, you are cared for by every single staff member to the highest degree. They pull your chair out and push it in for you as you sit and get up. They escort you to the bathroom so you don’t get lost and re-fold your napkin while you are away from the table.

Ok, that sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? If you have read my reviews, you know that I enjoy a classic American bacon cheeseburger from a gluten free safe restaurant that is low cast and casual. If you don’t know that about me, now you know. What I experienced at Del Posto is not ordinary by any means and not something I ever expect in my normal day to day, paycheck to paycheck life. So enough of this long and windy introduction, let’s move on to the full review which will be much more about food and gluten free safety.

Food (10.0)

Each dish we had (we had about 9) was by far the best Italian dishes I have ever had. Each one better then the last. The flavors were perfect with such intensity that you could visibly see the flavor before you even took a bite. I wish I could tell you exactly what we had, but we did what was called the Captain’s Course which basically means you are served smaller versions of their best a la carte options. The selections are made for you based on your preference of taste and dietary restrictions (there is a house made gluten free alternative for every single dish, sauce, pasta, entrée, dessert and anything else). It is an expensive option but consists of about 8-9 courses of food over a 3 hour period. Food kept coming at a perfect pace so we were never too full and never too hungry. Each dish was better then the last. We requested in our custom tailored Captain’s Course to have as much pasta as possible (that is what they are famous for after all) and it was simply amazing.

Pictures are tough to take at Del Posto as this is not a touristy destination and very dimly lit. Flash pictures are frowned upon and lighting is very poor so I had to make do with my circumstances. The one good picture I had was the truffle gnocchi which was unbelievably tasty. Easily the best gnocchi dish I’ve ever had. We also had their famous 100 layer lasagna which was unlike anything I’ve ever had in my lifetime. Like I said, every dish was better then the last and each one was at least a 10 rating.

Service (10.0)

The introduction paragraphs above talk about the amazing service from a general dining standpoint. But from the gluten free standpoint, the service is just as impeccable. Every staff member becomes aware of your gluten allergy the minute you tell your server. From the server to the chef to the runner. Everyone. Each one is trained well in cross contamination prevention and each one does an incredible job of adhering to gluten free needs. The kitchen, from what I understand, is massive. About 10,000 square feet massive. I mention that because space is not an issue in the kitchen and all gluten free items are cooked separately, with separate equipment and even separate chefs. The food doesn’t go anywhere near their evil gluten counterparts. The food is even brought out by a separate runner (not really a runner, more like a butler).

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Was I full and did I need to be rolled out of here? Absolutely. Was I sick at all from glutening or potential cross contamination? Not whatsoever. This place takes care of you as if you were taking care of yourself – with the utmost attention to detail, knowledge and training that you could ever want. To call this place a gluten free heaven would be a severe understatement.

Overall (10.0)

This is the only review I’ve ever given out a score of a 10 before. The next closest score is Bistango on 29th in NYC which isn’t even comparable. That is because this is a perfect restaurant with an incredible experience both from the general dining standpoint and the gluten free standpoint. I can’t rave about this place enough from either standpoint. But beware, this will put a big dent in your wallet/pocket book. It put an $800 dent in ours and we were only two people (with 2 bottles of their cheaper wine). Like I said, this is a spot I unfortunately cannot dine at frequently. I wish I could. But not on a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and probably never within my lifetime. But it was so worth every penny I earned and saved for months and months. The experience is unlike anywhere else in the dining world. I can’t wait to go back (in a few years probably – if I’m lucky).