Modern Bread and Bagel | NYC

This review is going to be very difficult to contain my excitement but I’ll try and be as objective as possible. That’s because the number one thing I miss most from before celiac days is a delicious authentic NYC/NJ gluten filled bagel. Even if you don’t live in this area, I’m sure you can appreciate missing that. Well, I’m insanely excited to announce in this review that someone has finally created a store in NYC that is a dedicated gluten free facility that specializes in bagels and other bread. Let me simplify that, GLUTEN FREE NYC bagels are finally here. You can walk in and pick ANYTHING you want and never have to tell a soul that you are gluten free. Just pick what you want off the wall of bagels (and whatever other bread or pastries your heart desires) and enjoy! It’s amazing that something so simple like this has taken so long to come into existence for us.

Food (9.9)

There are other gluten free bakeries that have house made bagels. Plum Bakery in NJ is one that comes to mind since it is nearby. Those bagels are pretty decent, in comparison. Another bakery that offers gluten free bagels is New Cascadia in Oregon. Those bagels are excellent and have been in my top two favorite gluten free bagels since I started doing these reviews. But Modern Bread and Bagel beats them all. These bagels are unlike any I’ve tried before. They even beat out my all time favorite Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel. Modern Bread and Bagel has achieved that classic and authentic NYC taste that is so hard to find in gluten free bagels. To mention that these bagels have a crispy outside and doughy inside would be doing them an injustice. Yea, those descriptions are true, but they undersell the incredible taste and flavor these bagels possess.

But bagels aren’t the only thing this place sells. They sell lots of pastries and different types of breads too. I grabbed cinnamon buns, donuts, brownies and a muffin. All of which were absolutely incredible. The donuts were soft, doughy and chewy in all the right ways. They tasted more like a yeast based donut but could very well have been cake based. Still, they were great. The cinnamon bun was by far the standout of the group though. It was mouthwatering before I took big bite and mouthwatering after I was finished. It was honestly one of the best gluten free pastries I’ve ever had. I mean, just the size of it alone was incredible. Then add in the perfect texture, cinnamon swirls, soft chewiness and tons of icing that seemed to never get hard no matter how long it sat out. Unbelievably impressive. Modern Bread and Bagel has seemingly done the gluten free impossible.

Menu (8.8)

Usually I don’t give this category a rating for a place that is 100% gluten free. It is meant to be a rating for restaurants that offer both gluten free and gluten filled options. The rating is based on how many options we have at those establishments and how honest the menu is (do they say things are gluten free when really they aren’t due to poor cooking procedures?). The only reason I am giving this anything lower then a 9.9 is because of two reasons.

The first reason, they don’t have enough pastry options. Maybe it is just me but I don’t care for all the salmon and salad options they offer. I believe their strength lies within their special gluten free flour blend. Therefore, they should take advantage of that offering and expand their pastry options. That might just be a personal wish but I’d rather have a plethora of pastry options and less salad options then vice versa, which is the current setup.

The second reason is because they hardly have any good meats available beyond salmon and fish. I understand perfectly that they are a fully Kosher bakery and I respect that. I understand that the Kosher community is probably a huge market for them so carrying things like bacon, sausage, ham, etc is an absolute no for them. But if they did, this place would be an easy 10. I still crave the day where I can walk into a gluten free bagel shop and order a quick bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel to go. For now, an 8.8 is still an amazing score.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This is a 100% gluten free bagel and bread shop. Not a single drop of gluten enters or exits that kitchen so eat and order with full confidence.

Overall (9.7)

The bagels here are incredible – the best I’ve had so far. The pastries are just as incredible. The cinnamon bun might also be the best dessert pastry I’ve ever eaten. By The Way Bakery is the only other gluten free dessert that comes to mind in terms of quality/taste comparison. Overall though, Modern Bread and Bagel is an absolute must try for anyone in the NYC area. You are doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t make an effort to visit this place and try their unforgettable NYC style gluten free bagels. This is the kind of place where you happily say “Here, take my wallet and whatever money you want out of it while I look around.” Just kidding, I couldn’t even say that in a Dollar Store if I wanted. But you get what I mean – HIGHLY recommended.