Katz Donut Holes

What is there to say about Katz? They are by far my favorite gluten free dessert brand. They have some incredible desserts and I have yet to find one that I wasn’t in love with. These donut holes aren’t any different but if you want more details – read on for the full review.

Ease Of Cooking (9.5)

I love Katz and how easy their frozen products are in terms of cooking (or lack thereof). There are countless desserts on the market that require time intensive thawing processes. This defeats the purpose of having a quick frozen dessert hanging out in the freezer. Who wants to plan out what dessert they are eating? I just follow the impulses of my sweet tooth which makes these PERFECT. Just take out of the freezer, microwave for a few seconds or until warm and you are good to go.

Food (9.5)

Ah the taste rating. Katz and my taste rating for these reviews ALWAYS get along well. This is no different. These donut holes are fantastic. I remember always liking the taste of Dunkin Donuts mini donut bites and eating a lot at one time. But I LOVE these and think that these would probably taste better in a direct head to head taste comparison. The powdered version tastes great but the glazed is definitely my favorite. This is purely preference though as you can’t go wrong with either. I know there are chocolate and cinnamon flavors also out in the market but I haven’t seen them yet. I imagine they are equally as good.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Katz makes their gluten free products in a dedicated gluten free facility. No issues here.

Overall (9.5)

These donut holes are great. The entire product lineup for Katz is great. I have never been disappointed with anything they have come out with. These are highly recommended.