Whole Foods 365 Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I love buying new pizza crusts and trying them out. These might be one of my favorite reviews to do. I like trying frozen pizzas but there is something about buying a blank crust and going wild with my imagination and creativity (or lack thereof). If you follow me then you probably know Whole Foods is one of my top food shopping destinations. I’m always scouring the aisles for new gluten free products, but I’ve never seen this crust until recently. I don’t know if it is new or if I just missed it for a long time. Either way, Whole Foods’ brand 365 has a gluten free cauliflower crust that I made a big pizza with. Here is my review.

Ease Of Cooking (9.2)

This was pretty easy. Some blank crusts are a bit tougher to work with and require baking, broiling, add toppings and then re-cook. Trader Joe’s butternut squash crust is what comes to mind. But this crust is much easier. Just add toppings and throw everything into a pre-heated oven all at once for a set period of time. Awesome

Food (9.4)

I must note that the pizza I created was bursting with flavor. That is the nature of a buffalo chicken pizza (using Whole Foods 365 gluten free breaded chicken nuggets) with mozzarella, jack and cheddar cheese. Because of that, the flavor of the buffalo chicken can slightly overpower the crust’s inherent flavor. However, that really wasn’t the case here. It was a match made in heaven and the crust’s flavor was perfect. Not too strong and not too bland. But the best part about the crust was that it was just the right thickness to give you flavor and to ensure it held those heavy ingredients without problem. It didn’t crack, it didn’t crumble and it held everything perfectly. It was a bit chewy, a bit doughy and a bit crispy on the bottom in all the right ways. I want to try another type of pizza where the crust can shine a little more but overall I was very impressed. Well done 365, well done.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Even though Whole Foods is the leader in organic and healthy food. Gluten free variety and labeling lacks a bit sometimes. A lot of their 365 foods (that aren’t distinctly labeled gluten free) are processed on shared equipment. I believe I’ve even seen some foods advertised as gluten free with that disclaimer under the ingredients as well. But that’s not the case here (at least it doesn’t disclose that on the box) and it is advertised as certified gluten free. I had zero issues and will definitely trust this again.

Overall (9.3)

I loved this crust. This is better then Trader Joe’s cauliflower crust and even slightly better than their butternut squash crust, in my opinion. I will definitely be creating a pizza with this crust again and I hope Whole Foods continues to keep this in stock.