Banza Rice

Most of you know Banza and their famous high protein chickpea pasta. About a month or two ago they reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their new upcoming product. I think they reached out to a lot of other Instagrammers as well. They wouldn’t disclose what their new product was though which built up some anticipation. When I opened their package I was very surprised to see their new product was actually chickpea rice. I’m not sure if another version of this exists out in the market so for me, seeing this type of rice was 100% a first. But is this actually rice or more like a gluten free orzo? Read on to find out.

Ease Of Cooking (7.5)

I’m not a fan of cooking so the easier it is to cook, the better it scores. This isn’t a bad score and this product is inherently easy to cook. Much easier then rice and much quicker then Banza’s pastas. My problem was that this required a mesh strainer and I didn’t own one. That’s why this got a 7.5 as opposed to something in the 8s. Maybe some of you already own one but I only had pasta strainers. Thankfully I’m an Amazon prime member so I ordered one with overnight shipping.

Food (8.8)

This product is really tasty but no different in terms of taste then the pasta. And I really like Banza pasta. But is this rice or is this more of an orzo? I cooked it and ate it as if it is rice. But this is not rice. This is 100% a chickpea orzo, in my opinion. I didn’t add any sauce to it or any flavoring which is definitely a mistake with this product. But it enabled me to get a full and true taste test and confirmed for me that this is in fact not a rice product. I can imagine this working INCREDIBLY well as a shrimp scampi bowl (which will be my next creation). It tastes like Banza pasta and is made of the same ingredients – just in rice form.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I know this category seems like it doesn’t fit in certain reviews. Especially for products such as this which are definitely gluten free and from a trustworthy source such as Banza. But I keep this here always in case hidden gluten finds its way into products and restaurant dishes. With all that said, I didn’t get sick and I never do with Banza.

Overall (8.7)

I really like this product. I think it is innovative since I know of nothing else on the market like this. I think it tastes good and will go great with flavorful dishes such as shrimp scampi or as some sort of risotto. I like that it is inherently healthy and pretty easy to cook (even if it required a kitchen tool I did not have). I do believe this is more orzo and less rice but I’m sure their marketing team determined rice would be a better play here. I don’t mind that at all. Overall, I highly recommend this product and can’t wait to see what others on Instagram whip up with this “rice.”