Jersey Mike’s | Secaucus NJ

With a gluten free lifestyle, there are many food that have become a distant memory. The most distant, however, are sandwiches on long sub rolls (or hoagies depending on where you are in the country). I’m talking about things like Italian heroes, cheese steaks, chicken parm sandwiches, and other delicious foods. That’s where Jersey Mike’s comes in. They must have a special deal with Udi’s because they offer very long (like longer then a foot) rolls that actually taste like bread. This is not your typical Udi’s product. It is far better. But before I go into anymore detail, let’s get into the review.

Food (9.6)

These sandwiches/subs/hoagies/heros are phenomenal. I actually ate a full cheese steak that didn’t come on a few slices of sandwich bread. No, this was on a full length sub roll just like how I remember them all those years ago. The bread is delicious and only enhanced by whatever ingredients you ask them to put in between those rolls. As I mentioned, I had a cheese steak and it was heavenly.

Menu (N/A)

I wanted to give this a high score. But this is too tough to score accurately and wouldn’t be fair to other reviews I’ve done. If you haven’t been to Jersey Mike’s or are unaware of their offering; it is simply a sandwich shop. Cold cuts or warm sandwiches, whatever you want. They just offer a very long Udi’s sub roll that you won’t find in any store anywhere.

Service (9.7)

This rating is FOR THIS LOCATION ONLY. I’ve read from other Instagrammer’s that many Jersey Mike’s locations are incredible at handling gluten free eating in a safe and knowledgeable way. This location was no different. But this place is FULL of gluten. I mean it’s a sandwich shop with utensils cutting bread all day long and crumbs getting everywhere. So let me detail two entirely different experiences so you understand the potential for good and bad at Jersey Mike’s.

Secaucus Experience (9.7)

This location – Secaucus NJ – was very knowledgeable and took great precautions with my order. The grill chef cleaned off a specific portion of the grill and then proceeded to cook my steak on it. He made sure not to handle ANY other orders until mine was finished to ensure no cross contamination. The Udi’s GF sub roll comes in a sealed plastic bag and Jersey Mike’s provides a specific tray as a mobile prep area for the sandwich. They also provide a separate white handle knife that stays in its own bag when not being used on a GF sandwich. This is as good as it gets folks, especially in a kitchen full of gluten.

NYC Experience (0.0)

Now let me explain the other experience I had at the New York City location which was completely opposite. I went in there, asked them how they handled gluten allergies. The clerk looked at me cross eyed (you know that typical reaction) but someone in the back heard me and waved around a knife with a white handle telling me “separate knife.” I didn’t feel confident, but for the sake of these reviews I ordered a cheese steak anyway.

Next, The grill chef had earbuds in while he cooked so he wasn’t paying attention to anyone, including his staff. He cooked my steak and sandwich bread on the same surface that other gluten filled breads and meats were cooking. He took no precautions. The first time he cut my bread open with the correct, designated gluten free knife. The second time he cut it, once the meat was in the sandwich, he switched to a regular knife. I kindly told the staff that I couldn’t have that sandwich anymore because he used the wrong knife. He proceeded to remake my entire sandwich and did the exact same thing again. I kindly told the staff again what happened and he looked at me angrily. He then made my sandwich for a third time and every time he cut into my sandwich, he would hold up the knife and wave it around looking at me like I was stupid.

I don’t get insulted easily and I wasn’t here – but I made sure to reach out to Jersey Mike’s about this occurrence. They never responded. I proceeded to eat the sandwich (I vowed to always be a guinea pig for the sake of these reviews and for my readers) and unfortunately was glutened. This was one of the worst experiences I’ve had since being forced into the gluten free world.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

At the Secaucus location, where they treated me kindly and with respect to my disease; I did not get sick at all. It was an amazing experience and what I’ve come to expect from the many reviews I’ve read from fellow patrons. Did I get sick after my NYC Jersey Mike’s experience, yes unfortunately. Stay away from that location at all costs.

Overall (9.5)

This overall rating reflects the location in Secaucus NJ. The food overall is incredible, even when I did get sick. But the experience in terms of gluten free safety at Secaucus is far beyond what I expected especially after the terrible NYC experience. This just goes to show, service really can make or break an entire experience. It can mean the difference between you getting sick and you coming away happy as a potential return customer. Either way, bravo Jersey Mike’s in Secaucus. This rating for you is well deserved.