Pie By The Pound | NYC

Pizza is one of those foods that is so simple but can be reviewed every day and every review will be different than the last. That’s what makes pizza so interesting and coincidentally one of my favorite foods. I’m sure it is one of your favorites as well. But enough of this generic and boring introductory paragraph. Let’s talk about Pie By The Pound, a unique pizza place in New York City that has an incredible understanding of celiac disease and gluten free safety. Is their pizza just as incredible? Keep reading…

Food (9.4)

Well the rating kind of gives it away. But to answer that last question, YES. The pizza here is outstanding. Fresh, flavorful, crispy with high quality ingredients and multiple delicious options. I love the pizza here and will always stop in for a pie if I’m in the area. The pizza in this review, the brunch pizza, is unfortunately discontinued but it is by far my favorite gluten free pizza. The other pizza I love from them, which is their most popular, is called the Fresh Cubed Pizza. This pizza contains cubed fresh mozzarella, mozzarella, tomato sauce, cubed tomato, garlic, oregano, basil, arugula and olive oil. The combination of ingredients and the freshness of it all is just outstanding. The ONLY reason this score isn’t any higher than the already high 9.4 is for one reason; they use microwaveable bacon for their bacon topping. It isn’t bad, but for a pizza place that offers such high quality gluten free pizzas with incredible ingredients, this is one tiny letdown.

Menu (9.6)

Almost the entire menu, which is all pizza, can be offered gluten free. They even offer a bunch of gluten free beers in shop too which is an incredible touch. Most places think they are generous by offering gluten free liquor like Tito’s but almost never have gluten free beer on the menu. Especially a whole variety of them. Well done Pie By The Pound.

Service (9.9)

This is not a sit down restaurant. This is a traditional pizza shop with counter service. So keep that in mind when reading this review/rating. With that said, the counter people are incredibly knowledgeable about gluten free safety and know the entire menu like the back of their hand. The kitchen takes every imaginable precaution to keep gluten out of your gluten free order as well. If you get takeout, the gluten free pizzas have gluten free stickers on them for easy marking. Did I mention that they even have gluten free information pamphlets lying around that educates people on how celiac disease sufferers can’t have even a breadcrumb without being sick? I’ve never seen anyone in the food service industry offer this kind of education or possess this level of knowledge. The whole staff knows these pamphlets as well as they know the menu. Well done again Pie By The Pound and thank you!

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I want to say this should be obvious, but even the best and most knowledgeable restaurants aren’t impervious to accidental “gluteninings.” Thankfully, I’ve never been glutened here and I consider this place very safe.

Overall (9.7)

I don’t think I have ever rated a pizza place as high as Pie By The Pound. Their pizzas are incredible and their knowledge of gluten free safety matches it. The fact that they even take steps towards trying to educate their customer base about gluten free safety and celiac awareness is just above and beyond what I would expect from any restaurant. Pie By The Pound, I will gladly gain many pounds on your pizza and throw my money at you whenever I can. It goes without saying that I HIGHLY recommend this pizza place to anyone gluten free.