Sensitive Sweets

Sensitive Sweets Dessert Cups

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day – I’ve been hoarding some sweets, candies, desserts and other kinds of treats. I figured a good string of Instagram posts dedicated to sweets would be the best way to spread the love. So with that said, here is a dessert that I found on that I ordered about a month ago. Figuratively speaking, it has been collecting dust in the freezer since then until I whipped them out yesterday for some dessert cup taste testing. Or maybe these should be called dessert shooters? Either way, here is my review…

Ease Of Cooking (7.0)

I rate foods and products much lower that take time to cook or need preparation. As you know by now, this review site is dedicated to making your life (and mine) more convenient. More time equals less convenience, hence the score here. What I love about Katz desserts, which I’ve reviewed many, is that they are frozen but only require a few seconds in the microwave. No planning or prepping needed. Just pull them out of the freezer and they are ready to eat in perfect form within seconds, literally. The treats by Sensitive Sweets must be thawed at room temperature for approx. 4 hours from the time of removing them from the freezer. This isn’t difficult at all, in fact it’s very easy. However, because of that time needed to thaw, you must plan when you are going to eat them. So if you forget they are in the freezer, like I often do, and decide one night you want to dessert – you won’t be able to have these until the next day.

Food (8.1)

Not bad at all. For being free from so many allergens and coming in such small containers, I was impressed with how good these tasted. I definitely liked some flavors better than others though. Like the vanilla, tuxedo and red velvet. Those were delicious! The chocolate, lemon and cinnamon were just ok though. Actually, the lemon wasn’t very tolerable but that was the only “bad” one. Overall, I wouldn’t put these desserts in the same category as some of the top players like Katz or even some dedicated gluten free bakeries such as By The Way. But these were very tasty and I enjoyed how each little cup had it’s own distinct flavor and represented a normal cake variety you would find anywhere. The little custom spoons they send you too (not pictured) are a very nice touch.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

All good here. These come from a dedicated gluten free bakery, as I understand it. So the ingredients are free from cross contamination and safe to eat.

Overall (7.8)

Would I order these again? Yes I would. But that has more to do with the presentation. They taste great, but the presentation is the best quality of these treats. I also like how they are free from many major allergens.

Where Did I Get Them?

Gluten Free Palace