Saffron Road Chicken Tenders

Breaded chicken nuggets/tenders have become pretty standard in my diet. Much more so in my adult life then in my childhood, although they were a big part then too. Thankfully, the options for gluten free breaded chicken nuggets/tenders have continuously grown over the years. I have a few favorites, including Bell and Evans and Trader Joe’s. But I’ve never seen these Saffron Roads gluten free tenders until recently. I just had to try them. Here is my review…

Ease Of Cooking (9.8)

You can microwave these or you can bake them in the oven. Either way, both methods are extremely easy. Microwaving of course is quicker and the oven method only takes about 14 minutes. Doesn’t get any easier than this.

Food (9.5)

I normally don’t appreciate products that can be microwaved from frozen as much as others. I’ve found most of them aren’t very fresh tasting, unlike their counterparts that require cooking in the oven only. However, this product defies that logic. I’m not sure if it is the quality of the chicken Saffron uses (very high quality), or the flavored breading (incredibly tasty). But these chicken tenders are fantastic. I absolutely love them. They are flavored just as well as Bell and Evans, albeit with different spices and overall a different taste. The breading holds up well and the chicken tastes juicy and fresh. I’m honestly blown away at the high quality of these breaded chicken tenders and how great tasting they are.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

My stomach was gurgling a little bit after eating these but it wasn’t because of gluten. I was fine about 20 minutes later but these are certified GF and Saffron Road is a brand I trust.

Overall (9.6)

These gluten free breaded chicken tenders are an absolute must try! I can’t stress enough how much I liked these and how great they are. I don’t think I need to say more. If you can find them at a store near you, definitely pick up a box or two. You won’t regret the purchase.

Where Did I Get Them?

I found these at Whole Foods. These have only been stocked at Whole Foods recently and I haven’t checked other stores yet but I imagine these will be as easy to find as Applegate’s gluten free breaded chicken tenders/nuggets are nowadays (review to come).