Udi’s Everything Bagel

Udi's Everything Bagel
Udi’s Everything Bagel Sandwich

What once used to be a rare find in the gluten free space; bagels are becoming much more accessible these days. I have to go back and check the statistics but I think I may have reviewed close to as many bagels as I have pizza at this point. Looking back to even 2-3 years ago I don’t think I ever would have expected to see so many hit the market at this point, or ever. But here we are, in a world where companies are finally responding to our gluten free needs and wants. With all that said, here is another review of a gluten free everything bagel that is made by none other then Udi’s…

Ease Of Cooking (N/A)

I bought these right out of the bread aisle so they weren’t frozen and didn’t need to be cooked. Of course I toasted them but that doesn’t mean this rating is applicable here.

Food (7.2)

I mentioned above that the market is becoming slightly saturated with gluten free bagels. Great for us. But now that I have reviewed so many, I’m developing a specific taste for what I prefer. Unfortunately, the Udi’s bagel doesn’t really stack up to the competition.

Let’s break it down this way. What did I like about it? The bagel did taste decently and the outer crust was crispy enough to allow me to really enjoy the sandwich I created with it. What I mean is it didn’t crumble surprisngly but the inside dough tasted very much like Udi’s typical bread recipe you would find in their buns. I know others said the same for Canyon Bakehouse bagels but I felt at least that that tasted more like a bagel and less like their buns. Plus, they were huge or at least felt it. Much doughier too.

What I didn’t like? That last sentence above is both a pro and a con and belongs here as well. The biggest problem I had with it though, is that it had no flavor. Well, it did have flavor but that would be referring to the dough alone. If you had put this on a plate without the packaging and told me it was an everything bagel after I ate it, I’d be shocked. I even thought at one point maybe they packaged these wrong and gave me plain? The bag itself didn’t have that punchy delicious everything bagel smell that typically lures me in either. I could even go as far as to say, false advertising on the flavor? The bag says it is an everything bagel but there is zero everything taste. The Canyon Bakehouse everything bagel suffered from this as well but not in this big of a way. And at least that bag smelled like an everything bagel which got me excited. That bagel also tasted far better. Right now, the reigning kings are still New Cascadia and Trader Joe’s.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This is an Udi’s product and they are as safe in the gluten free space for you as can be. They are the pioneers in this space after all.

Overall (7.3)

I hate giving Udi’s a score like this. A 7.5 isn’t bad either but I tend to rate better products on the higher end of the scoring spectrum. So relatively, this isn’t good. I buy Udi’s buns when necessary. Even though I haven’t reviewed their buns officially, I go for the plain white buns every now and then happily. As long as they are toasted they serve a good purpose and won’t fall apart. But these bagels will not end up in my kitchen again if I have other options. The sandwich I made though, was awesome. I used Bell and Evans round gluten free breaded chicken patty along with turkey bacon and cheddar cheese. So when you see my comments on Instagram stating how good the sandwich was, it’s true. Just know the bagel served strictly as a place holder and didn’t add to it whatsoever. Udi’s – you can do better.