Freschetta Four Cheese Pizza

Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza
Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza

This pizza came at the recommendation of a few people on Instagram. Honestly, I’ve seen it at Target before but never really took notice. I know, I know – never judge a book by the cover. The box isn’t bad by any means but nothing ever stood out to me. Especially in the freezer with other big name brands like DiGiorno or Quest. But I finally grabbed a box on my last Target trip and here are my thoughts.

Ease Of Cooking (9.5)

This pizza cooked very evenly and the crust came out just right. If you have read my earlier pizza reviews, then you might remember that my oven isn’t the best. And my toaster oven burns things too quickly. But this pizza and my oven were a match made in heaven. The instructions on the back were perfect. The crust was crispy. The edges were a tiny bit burnt which held everything together well and provided excellent grip. And the cheese was cooked just right.

Food (8.9)

This gluten free pizza is fantastic. I do prefer other pizzas such as Against The Grain and Quest over this pizza. However, Freschetta can make a serious claim as a top contender in the gluten free pizza game and comes close to the aforementioned. The crust came out just the right crispy but was still thicker then most pizzas while still being very doughy/chewy in all the right ways. Seriously impressive. The amount of sauce is a bit much but that’s a personal preference. I like less sauce, which is probably why I enjoy Against The Grain more. But the sauce on this pizza is outstandingly flavorful. The four cheeses tasted great as well and held together on the pizza perfectly. I do wish they added a hint of cheddar into the mix though but most pizzas don’t include that in their mixes so that is just a random personal preference. Anyway, even with my personal preferences included in the mix here, this pizza is nothing short of AWESOME.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I somehow managed to eat the entire pizza myself so I was definitely feeling sluggish but that’s only because my stomach was working overtime. Eat this with confidence knowing you are safe.

Overall (9.0)

I’ve heard before that even scores are rookie scores. But who cares. This pizza deserves an even 9.0. It is an outstanding pizza that deserves a spot in your freezer and more importantly your stomach. you and your taste buds will thank me later.

Where Did I Get This?

I shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s (which only carries TJ’s products), Shop Rite, Target and a few local grocery stores but have only seen this at Target so far around here.