Senza Gluten | NYC

I normally don’t review restaurants that are 100% gluten free, such as Senza Gluten. The reason for that lies within the first mission of this website – to provide you with honest reviews and experiences of restaurants that almost always require researching before visiting because they primarily offer gluten filled meals. Many restaurants in today’s world offer gluten free alternatives alongside gluten filled dishes. Some of them are honest and helpful and some are misleading and might get you sick. There are also many restaurants that don’t offer any gluten free items but might be able to help you. In any scenario, going out to eat requires a ton of research no matter the restaurant. These reviews are meant to alleviate some of that time and stress and help you better understand your potential options.

With all that said, Senza Gluten is 100% gluten free. Not a drop or crumb of gluten enters or exits that kitchen. Therefor, no research is required when eating out at places like this (which are far and few between). You can just walk in, order and not even mention that you’re gluten free. I don’t have to tell you how amazing this feels that we can feel like “normal” people here without worry. So because of all of that, my rating is going to be purely about the food. Onto the review…

Food (9.6)

The food here is top notch. Even my significant other who loves eating gluten filled Italian food enjoys everything on the menu (we’ve been here many times in the past). In this section, I typically talk about the food items that I order which are usually the best and safest gluten free food items on the menu (assuming the options are somewhat limited). But for this review instead, since everything is gluten free, I’ll give you a few recommendations.

My all time favorite here that is a staple for me is the fried cauliflower parmesan bites (not pictured below). The fried rice balls are delicious as well but I think I might prefer Rubirosa’s fried rice balls over these. Both are great though. I also typically order creamy, mushroom-y pasta or the breaded fried chicken parmesan but it depends on the available specials. I’m not sure what brand of pasta they use or if it is made from scratch but it is better than almost every other gluten free pasta I’ve had, except for Carbone. But they are in another league of their own in terms of food quality. I’ve even had the cheese steak which uses their home cooked sandwich bread and real NY strip slices. Delicious. If you have enough room for dessert, go for the red velvet cake, which is pictured below. Un-freaking-believably good! No matter what you order here at Senza Gluten though, you can’t go wrong.

Menu (N/A)

This rating is non-applicable since the entire restaurant is a dedicated gluten free facility. This section typically is scored based on a menu’s gluten free options, how honest the menu is (some places will tell you deep fried foods are gluten free when in reality it comes from a shared fryer), how easy it is to figure out what your options are, etc etc. Not applicable here.

Usually I post a picture of the menus for easy referencing. But the restaurant was very dimly lit and the menu’s are not easy to read in pictures. They have their big logo behind the thin font text so it is tough to see unless you are close up. Because of that, here is the link to their website which has their digital menu.

Service (N/A)

Typically, this rating section is based on how the server and kitchen work together in some way to safely (or carelessly) cater to your strict gluten free needs. Is the server knowledgeable? Is the kitchen setup to handle gluten free orders safely? Is everyone trained? Do they use separate utensils and cooking spaces? This rating is obviously not applicable here.

Did I Get Sick? (N/A)

Again, not applicable here. This is a 100% gluten free facility.

Overall (9.6)

This overall score is purely based on the food, which is amazing. It feels so good to be able to eat here knowing I don’t even have to mention the words “gluten”. I don’t need to tell you this place is an absolute must visit. Because any research you’ve done into NYC gluten free dining has more then likely led you to hear or read about this place. So this is just me adding to those strong recommendations. You won’t be disappointed.