Bistango at The Kimberly Hotel | NYC

If you’ve read my reviews and read the Best of 2018 List then you know I’m a big fan of Bistango on 29th, and for good reason. It is a great, celiac safe Italian restaurant that has been a pioneer in the gluten free game. Bistango has another location in New York City in the Kimberly Hotel of midtown Manhattan. This isn’t a chain and although conventional wisdom would tell you this is the same place duplicated, that would be wrong. This is a totally different restaurant under the Bistango name with a totally different menu than the other location on 29th street. Below is the review of the Kimberly Hotel spot.

Food (9.2)

It is with no surprise that the food here is really good. I’ve ordered quite a few dishes at this location but my favorite are the appetizers. Gluten free meatballs and gluten free fried rice balls are must have’s if you visit this spot. It is rare to find gluten free fried rice balls so I couldn’t help but feel lucky to eat them here. They were delicious, albeit not as good as the rice balls over at Rubirosa, another celiac safe Italian restaurant in NYC. Their pasta dishes are also really good but the dish I got was a bit underwhelming as a whole, mainly because their wasn’t enough lobster and I wasn’t a fan of the sherry. It could have used some additional spices, flavoring and even a different sauce altogether. But as far as the pasta goes in general, they offer a gluten free alternative for every kind of pasta they offer. And the pasta is top notch, just like at the other location.

Menu (9.1)

The menu here is expansive and everything can be made gluten free, including all of the desserts. Bistango on 29th is exactly the same way but the reason this scores lower is for personal reasons. I like the main menu at Bistango on 29th a lot better as it features more traditional Italian dishes. This features more upscale and contemporary Italian dishes. Honestly, this all comes down to personal preference. These ratings aren’t scientific and a lot of is based on my personal taste, including this specific rating right now. Either way, a 9.1 is still great.

Service (9.9)

I mean the service is as good as it gets here in terms of safe gluten free handling. I’ve mentioned this before, a service score is about the server’s knowledge and handling of your gluten free needs plus the kitchen’s setup and handling of preparing your food. If the kitchen is setup properly and the cooks are trained/knowledgeable in handling your gluten free needs, then the server has an easy job. That is the case here. The servers understand very well but it all comes down to the kitchen here. No wheat flour in the kitchen and separate pans/cooking spaces for everything gluten free. I’ve eaten at this location a few times and even more so at the 29th street spot and have never had an issue with service.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This rating is usually reflective of the service rating so you no what to expect here usually. I have never been glutened at this location (or the 29th street location). If you ever read reviews on the app/website Find Me Gluten Free (a crowd/location based gluten free restaurant review app) you will find that basically no one has ever gotten glutened at these locations either.

Overall (9.3)

This is an absolute must for anyone that enjoys contemporary Italian. Safe for celiac and delicious food. Highly recommended.