Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagel

Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagel Sandwich
Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagel Sandwich

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again. My number one most missed food after my celiac diagnosis is a good gluten filled NY/NJ style bagel. A good old fashioned breakfast sandwich is something I would eat daily in my young life. In my never-ending quest to find good substitutes in the form of gluten free bagels I’ve come across some great, good and not so great bagels. So far, the best has been the Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel (and blueberry bagel). The close behind runner up has been the New Cascadia bagels. This review is going to be about the new Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagel.

Ease Of Cooking (N/A)

I bought these from Amazon and they recommended that I freeze them. Well these won’t last long so I won’t be freezing them. If I did, this would warrant a score but because they are sitting in my fridge and will simply go in the toaster – a score here is non-applicable.

Food (9.4)

I was very anxious to find out if these would de-throne the Trader Joe’s Bagel king. Although this bagel is absolutely delicious, it isn’t better. It is very very close behind though. I also can’t really compare this to the New Cascadia bagels either because they are very different bagels with very different textures. Both incredible in their own right though. Let me explain the Canyon Bakehouse bagel in more detail…

First, let me talk about the positives. This bagel is huge which is a good thing. Often times gluten free bagels can come in small sizes which doesn’t really do well with a breakfast sandwich. Not the case here. These hold up very well. The texture is fantastic! It is just the right amount of crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside. Well done Canyon Bakehouse. You absolutely nailed getting the right texture for a gluten free bagel. Incredible.

Now for the con, which there is only one. Honestly, this isn’t even a con but it isn’t a positive either. The everything flavor falls a bit flat. The dough itself has great flavor but that isn’t what I’m talking about. This is an everything bagel so the flavoring of the seasoning must be considered. I was expecting the everything flavoring to really pop like they do on the other two aforementioned brand bagels. You can definitely smell it as you open up the bag and that smell is mouthwatering. However, it doesn’t really stand out like I thought it would when you bite into it. I don’t want to say it falls a bit flat in that regard, because that’s way too negative. But you get where I’m going with my assessment. Am I being picky here? Maybe. But I must rate it honestly based on my experience, preference, what I’m used to and what I expected.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Canyon Bakehouse is as trustworthy of a brand in the gluten free game as any other top dog. Eat confidently.

Overall (9.5)

Don’t let my long monologue about the one tiny con I mentioned above deter you from purchasing and trying this bagel. Overall, it is an incredible gluten free bagel and hard to believe it is actually gluten free. The texture is basically perfect. I enjoyed every bite of it and will enjoy every bite of the next 3 bagels sitting in my fridge. If the everything flavoring was a bit more punchy/potent then this bagel very well may have dethroned the Trader Joe’s bagel (more specifically their everything bagel). It is slightly bigger than the Trader Joe’s Bagel and the texture is similar if not slightly better. After all is said and done, I HIGHLY recommend these bagels. They are incredible. I’m going to purchase their other flavors asap and am very excited to try them.

Where Did I Get It?

I haven’t found these in any stores yet. In fact, I’ve never seen any of their bagels in gluten free stores but these are new products after all. I bought this bag on Amazon but it was rather pricey. I think you can buy them directly from Canyon though. Click here for their website.

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