Udi’s NEW Pepperoni Pizza

Udi’s NEW Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza

Udi’s has been in the gluten free products game since the beginning. They were one of the few brands I relied on heavily the minute I was diagnosed with celiac disease. They were a lifesaver then for two reasons. One being they were easy to find at most major supermarkets. The second being they offered a vast amount of gluten free products. But what they have always lacked is good texture and flavor. Gluten free recipes have undergone pretty drastic advancements in recent years leaving this once trailblazer behind. In response to the changing times, Udi’s has revamped their pizza recipe for a new improved 2.0 pizza. Here is a review of that pizza in the pepperoni variety…

Ease Of Cooking (9.5)

Frozen pizza’s are as easy as they come. They aren’t quite set it and forget it because timing always varies oven to oven but still insanely easy.

Food (7.9)

There are two questions to ask here. Is this better than their original pizza (let’s call it version 1.0). The answer, YES. Is it better than other competing pizzas out there, not quite. I still think that the Quest Protein Pizza and the Against The Grain Pizza are my favorite gluten free frozen pizzas on the market. The DiGorno gluten free frozen pizza can also claim a top spot. Although this Udi’s pizza (version 2.0) is a great improvement over the original and a good pizza in its own right, it can’t compete with the ones I’ve mentioned. Would it be good if you needed it in a pinch? Absolutely. Would I ever shy away from buying this if I didn’t have other options? Absolutely not. This is a good pizza. It has good flavor, with a good amount of pepperoni. The cheese and sauce taste good too. Again, there are just many more options out there that I would go with over this if they are available.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

You can always feel safe and confident with Udi’s. They are the trailblazer in this game in terms of gluten free safety.

Overall (7.9)

This is not a bad score. A 7.9 is respectable and deserved because this is a good pizza for a great brand. I just prefer the other pizzas I’ve mentioned which scored better.