365 Breaded Chicken Nuggets

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again. Chicken nuggets should be a permanent staple on adult menus everywhere (with a safe gluten free alternative for us). Chicken nuggets may seem like a kid’s meal, but you would be wrong. They are appropriate for all ages. I’ve already reviewed Trader Joe’s Chicken Nuggets and Bell and Evans Chicken Nuggets (both scored very highly) so here is a review of the 365 (Whole Food’s brand) gluten free breaded chicken nuggets.

Ease Of Cooking (9.2)

We all know how much I like to just “set it and forget it” with the oven. That’s all you do with these. Put them in the oven (I used an air fryer which is my preference with any breaded chicken items) and then set to the recommended temperature and check back at the recommended time.

Food (8.6)

I really like these chicken nuggets and I think they taste great. They aren’t as crunchy as the Trader Joe’s version and they don’t pack that addicting taste that Bell and Evan’s possesses. They are chunky with great breading but softer in texture. But I do purchase these once every few weeks when I want to switch it up from the Bell and Evan’s or Trader Joe’s versions (the TJ’s one sometimes isn’t available) and I thoroughly enjoy them. They are FAR better than any of the microwavable brands out there – I’m looking at you Perdue (review coming in the future).

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I haven’t gotten sick from these in the typical “getting glutened” sense. But I must note that I typically don’t digest these all that well. I don’t think that is because there is any gluten in these or cross contamination. I think it has to do with the quantity in the bag along with the heavy use of corn. This has nothing to do with my “Did I Get Sick” rating but felt that I should point this out for you guys. I really do enjoy these though and will continue to buy them.

Overall (8.6)

What can I say, these are great gluten free breaded chicken nuggets. It is great that the bag contains SO many nuggets and that they taste great right out of the oven. They are far better than any microwavable breaded chicken nuggets on the market but are a step below Bell and Evan’s and Trader Joe’s in terms of taste. Overall though, I would recommend these to anyone in Whole Foods looking to try a different gluten free breaded chicken nugget. But it isn’t something I purchase every single time I’m in there like I do with Bell and Evan’s.