Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix

It’s a New Year and time for new gluten free product and restaurant reviews. This first review of 2019 is going to be about Pamela’s gluten free pancake mix. If you haven’t seen this brand yet, they are becoming a big name in the gluten free scene with delicious cookies, crackers and other types of gluten free foods and snacks. I’ll review those another time either on here or on Instagram. But for now, onto the pancake mix…

Ease Of Cooking (8.2)

If you have been reading my reviews up until this point you know how convenience is what I seek most. The better the score the easier it is to cook the product. This pancake mix is fairly easy to cook with and requires the standard amount of added ingredients such as oil, butter, etc to the batter. It isn’t as easy as Birch Benders however, which only requires the addition of water and still tastes great.

Food (8.5)

I made waffles with this batter and found them to be really good. They were noticeably thicker then the Birch Bender paleo mix which is a great thing. I love my waffles to be thick and fluffy which these were. But in terms of taste, they lacked a tiny bit and needed the right syrup and some added cinnamon to really bring them to life. Birch Benders required the cinnamon also but were a little tastier overall even without any enhancements. Hardly noticeable if you aren’t doing a specific review like I was but worth mentioning.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I felt fine after eating these. Pamela’s is a brand that I’ve learned can be very trustworthy in the gluten free scene. Eat away confidently.

Overall (8.6)

I really enjoyed this pancake and waffle mix from Pamela’s. Overall, if I could only have one mix in my pantry any given time it would be Birch Benders. They are a tad bit lighter, healthier and easier to cook with. So even though I’ve been comparing the two, these mixes should be in separate camps. Pamela’s is meant to be a traditional, tasty mix that is much thicker in terms of texture and calories while being a bit more fun to play with when you add additional enhancements. Taste is really good too. For those reasons, Pamela’s will be a permanent stock in my pantry from now on too.

Where Did I Get This?

You can find this mix at most Whole Foods, Target and other major supermarkets.