Trader Joe’s Egg Fettuccine

Trader Joe's Egg Fettuccine Cooked

These intro paragraphs usually serve as a sneak peak into my thinking and experience before the review commences. It also usually contains a little background on the brand and product (or restaurant). But you all know Trader Joe’s. You all know that Trader Joe’s offers unique and tasty gluten free options. You also know what gluten free pasta tastes like. Without further ado…

Ease of Cooking (9.5)

Not much to talk about here. Pasta is easy to cook and so is this. Drop it into boiling water and cook for about 4-5 minutes or until you think it is ready.

Food (8.8)

I really enjoyed this egg fettuccine. I used to love egg noodles before my celiac diagnosis so seeing this on the shelf was a very pleasant surprise. The texture is a bit firm and chewy but overall has great flavor. The fact that it is so wide and thick also enhances the whole fettuccine experience. I decided to make an Alfredo sauce with crumbled bacon which went perfectly with the pasta.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

No problems whatsoever. Trader Joe’s labels this product as gluten free so eat this with confidence. The Trader Joe’s products that should be cooked and consumed with skepticism are the ones that have no gluten containing ingredients but aren’t labeled gluten free.

Overall (8.8)

I feel an 8.8 is right overall and this is purely reflective how the food tastes. I prefer the healthier pasta alternatives (which is usually not the case with me) like Banza but I really enjoyed this fettuccine. It’s a rare luxury in the gluten free world to have a pasta that actually feels and tastes like normal fettuccine or noodles. I will definitely be buying this again.