Bell and Evans Breaded Chicken

I remember when I learned about my celiac diagnosis 8 years ago and thought “What am I going to eat?!”, “What can I eat?!”, “Where should I shop?!” I always used to eat the regular Bell and Evans breaded chicken products and remembered instantly that they also offered gluten free versions in those black boxes. So needless to say, this brand has been with me since the beginning and is still a staple in my freezer.

Ease of Cooking (9.5)

My readers know me by now. I love to just “set it and forget it” with my oven. Bell and Evans breaded chicken products are just that. Put them in the oven and take them out when they are ready.I’ve cooked them in the air fryer (my favorite method), baked in the oven and pan fried in olive oil and each way is consistently easy and predictable. The breading never falls off either which is a huge plus.

Food (9.9)

I LOVE Bell and Evans breaded chicken products. Whether it is their chicken nuggets or their chicken tenders or breasts, they all are incredibly delicious. I’m a bit biased towards their chicken nuggets though and maybe one day nuggets will finally be a permanent fixture on adult menus everywhere.

NOTE: Bell and Evans offers an “organic” version of these products in green/white boxes. This is relatively new and has a different bread coat and flavor than the ones I’m reviewing here. I don’t like them as much and must mention that there is a difference.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Surprisingly these aren’t certified gluten free but there aren’t any disclaimers about these being manufactured on shared equipment. With that said, I’ve probably eaten thousands of boxes of these gluten free breaded products and I have never had one single issue. In fact, these consistently sit so well with me that I will often pre-cook them and bring them to work with me for lunch or to events or parties so I have food wherever I go.

Overall (9.8)

Make no mistake, these are probably my favorite gluten free product. But there is a bias, albeit maybe an emotional one since these have been there for me since the beginning. But that doesn’t change that these products are delicious and everyone of my friends and family members completely agree with me when they try it. Even the gluten free ones.