Cheeseburger in Paradise | NJ

A good old American cheeseburger (with bacon and a fried egg) and french fries are two of my favorite foods. But with cross contamination and common fryers it is hard to come by these foods in a safe gluten free way. There are a few restaurants though that can handle this task and use dedicated fryers. Cheeseburger in Paradise in Secaucus New Jersey is one of them.

Food (9.2)

A lot of people might think that a cheeseburger is a cheeseburger. And to an extent, that can be true. But the freshness of the beef, quantity of beef and toppings all make a big difference. At Cheeseburger in Paradise, the quality and size of the burger is unparalleled. These burgers are HUGE and they come as fresh as can be. Not only are their burgers great but their bacon (and other toppings) are top quality and they never skimp on you. The same can be said of their french fries which are cooked in a dedicated fryer. They are seasoned (gluten free) tremendously well and packed with great flavor beyond the traditional salt and pepper. They remind me of a higher quality McDonalds fries which I enjoy thoroughly.

Service (8.5)

Honestly, if these service ratings were based solely on the server and didn’t include the back end kitchen, then this score would be in the low 6’s which is pretty bad by my standards. The servers are typically non-communicative and just nod when you alert them to your allergy. You have to really pry them for information. There are exceptions that are friendly and very understanding of your allergy needs and will make you feel very confident. But almost all just rely on the kitchen to take care your gluten free needs. This is why the score is an 8.5, because the kitchen is setup tremendously well with separate stations for gluten free cooking along with dedicated gluten free fryers. I have eaten here a countless amount of times and have never had one issue.

Menu (8.0)

They have an entire dedicated gluten free menu. However, they recently changed their menu (both the regular and the gluten free menu) and there are a lot less options then there used to be. If you’ve never been here before, then you would never know and would be sufficiently happy with this gluten free menu. For me, there are things I miss like their home-cooked loaded chips. But that is just me. So take this 8 with a grain of salt and know that is probably closer to a 9 for most people.

NOTE: I ordered takeout for this review which is why I don’t have a picture of their gluten free menu here. But once I go back I’ll take a picture and update this review.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve eaten here and I’ve never gotten sick once. That speaks volume to their kitchen practices.

Overall (8.8)

I wish this place had more locations like in Hoboken or in NYC. Secaucus isn’t far away from either location but it is enough out of the way where I won’t go as much as I’d want to. Either way, this place is fantastic for gluten free eating with incredible food. This is a small national chain so if you have one near you at home or while on vacation, it is a must try.