Trader Joe’s Hasselback Potato

Trader Joe’s Hasselback Potatoes fully cooked

Eventually I’m going to have to create a dedicated page or category on this review site for Trader Joe’s products. There’s so many and they are always so unique and tasty. This particular review covers the new “Hasselback Potato” which looks like a slinky inspired potato. Or maybe it is just a bunch of potato chips attached to a baked potato base? Either way, onto the review.

Ease of Cooking (9.1)

Cooking these potatoes couldn’t be any easier. There are two methods that they recommend – microwave or bake. I tend to use the microwave method as quick and convenient is how I like my cooking experiences. But a potato deserves the oven for full texture and flavor. With that said, just pop these in the oven, set it and forget it.It does take a while though, approx 30 minutes. And make sure you don’t put it on the top rack, the edges burn easily if they are too close.

Food (9.6)

I loved these little potatoes. They tasted great, especially considering they technically come pre-cooked. They come salted and have a great, chewy, buttery taste to them. I love potatoes in anyway you give them to me but I’ve never had them like this. I will be buying these regularly now as a great easy side to home cooked meals.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

These are not labeled as gluten free from Trader Joe’s. They don’t contain any gluten ingredients and because of the nature of how they must be cooked and processed, it seems a safe bet that these are gluten free. But because Trader Joe’s doesn’t label them as such, there are no guarantees. My gut has felt fine the last two times I’ve eaten those so take that for what it is worth.

Overall (9.1)

If these had actually been labeled gluten free then the score would be higher. Not that a 9.1 is bad, it isn’t. But this is deserving of a better score based on the taste of the food. A must try if you feel like taking the ultra small gamble on these being fully gluten free.