Davio’s Italian Steakhouse | NYC

Two of my favorite types of restaurants (as long as they have gluten free options) are Italian and classic steakhouses. But I’ve never been to a restaurant that was both. That was until I visited Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse in New York City. I actually learned about this spot from Instagram (what a powerful social media platform) but I never expected it to be as fancy and upscale as it was. The fact that it was partially a steakhouse and located right next to Grand Central Terminal should have been a giveaway.

Food (8.8)

The food here is really good. The pasta is cooked well with great texture. The sauces were outstanding with a ton of great flavor. I’m not sure what brand or pasta they use or if it is made in house but it held up really well under intense forking. All of their gluten free bread is baked in house and you could really tell. I’m guessing they use a muffin pan to make the gluten free bread since it came out in muffin form. But it was, thick, chewy and delicious. They even brought out separate butter for it to help me avoid cross contamination.

Service (9.8)

The service here is fantastic, as you would expect from an upscale restaurant. But overall service isn’t what these reviews are about. Service with regards to these reviews have to do with how gluten free safety is handled. And at Davio’s, it is safe to say they handle it really well with utmost care. According to our waitress, the kitchen fully understands cross contamination and cooks all gluten free foods separately, including the pasta. All gluten free breads are cooked, prepared and cut separately before arriving at the table. The server also exhibited clear understanding for my issue and seemed well trained. The fact that they also brought out separate butter without me asking speaks volume.

Menu (9.9)

The gluten free menu at this place is huge with a ton of delicious options. I really wish I had two things in life; the first is 2 stomachs so I can order many meals at once and the second is deep pockets to afford those many meals. If I had those two things, I would have happily ordered half the menu here which would have at least included a big steak and many of their pasta options. This just means I’ll have to go back soon when my bank account replenishes after the holidays.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Nope. They handled my sensitive celiac disease extremely well with their food prep safety. My gut was very happy, albeit extremely full.

Overall (9.4)

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse is a must try for anyone that wants to open up their wallets and splurge on a delicious gluten free meal that is prepared very safely. If you love pasta or steaks, then you are really in for a treat here.