Trader Joe’s Chicken Nuggets

Trader Joes Chicken Nuggets

I’ve posted a few Trader Joe’s products on Instagram lately but haven’t written any reviews for them. If you are wondering why, that is because the food I typically review requires cooking or is beyond just a quick snack-able item. Products such as the GF peppermint brownie bites or the Gingerbread Oat Bars don’t qualify for these reviews, no matter how amazing they were. But these gluten free breaded chicken nuggets do qualify and were also great.

Ease of Cooking (9.2)

 Pop them in the oven (or air fryer), then set it and forget it. My favorite kind of cooking. Easy to handle and you can walk away until the timer on your oven beeps.

Food (8.9)

 I haven’t really done any reviews of gluten free breaded chicken products yet but I promise there is an onslaught of them coming soon. This is just the start. With that said, I have much experience in the gluten free breaded chicken nugget game. I’ve considered filing a petition on for all restaurants to add chicken nuggets (gluten free would be my required preference) to the adult menu. If you are reading this I bet you would sign that.

With this aforementioned experience comes a taste preference. I don’t typically like the microwaveable chicken nuggets. Those fall on the low end of the spectrum in terms of taste. Move down the spectrum to the oven-required frozen breaded chicken nuggets and you will have a ton more taste, texture and flavor (typically). Trader Joe’s falls on this side of the spectrum and in a very good way. I wish they didn’t use corn so much in their breading for these gluten free nuggets but the spices and flavors they use are top notch. These are one of my favorite gluten free chicken nuggets hands down. My all time favorite is Bell and Evans which I will review at a later date.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Trader Joe’s is as trustworthy as they come with gluten free products. However, the use of corn so extensively doesn’t sit well with me sometimes and this product is no different. I also have a hard time not eating the whole bag which doesn’t help. The whole bag could probably serve 2-3 people and not just me, but I digress.

Overall (9.2)

 I love these gluten free breaded chicken nuggets and I buy them often. They are great with any condiment or just plain. My favorite way to eat these is to throw some buffalo sauce on them and then bake it. They come out fantastic.