Against The Grain Pesto Pizza

Against The Grain Pesto Pizza w Box

Against The Grain is a gluten free food company that is known for having a very unique blend of dough. They use this blend in almost all of their products ranging from their baguette to their pizza. It is unique in terms of taste and texture. I don’t know about you, but eating deep dish pizza is something I dearly miss from my pre-celiac days. Their version of a gluten free pizza is the closest I’ve come to a deep dish pizza in a world dominated by thin crust gluten free pizzas.

Ease of Cooking (9.5)

Very easy. Just pop it in the oven, set it and forget it. My favorite kind of cooking.

Food (9.6)

If you love thin crust and don’t enjoy crust even a few millimeters thicker, then click away from this review. Because this pizza is about as close to thick crust as I’ve seen, without actually being thick crust – and I love it. The dough is chewy in just the right ways and has just the right amount of flavor in my opinion. Against The Grain offers two pizzas, as far as I know, which are marinara (multi cheese) and pesto. This review covers the pesto which is my personal favorite but the other is great too. (NOTE: the pizza doesn’t come with mushrooms on it, that was my own addition).

Did I Get Sick (NO)

No problems. I never do with Against The Grain products.

Overall (9.6)

There is a bias in this review and it involves my love for thick crust pizzas. I’m not talking about Chicago style pizzas but more like pan pizzas and this is as close as you will get in this gluten free market flooded with thin crusts. I also happen to really enjoy the blend of gluten free dough that Against the Grain produces that they use in this pizza and all their other products. Anyway, if your likes are similar to mine they you will love this pizza. If your preferences differ, then you may not like this pizza as much.