Erin McKenna’s Bakery | NYC

I’m discovering more and more gluten free bakeries lately such as Better Bites Bakery and By The Way Bakery. But these discoveries were made via the limited stock refrigerated section of Whole Foods and I haven’t ventured to their respective stores yet. Today though, I got the chance to visit one of the Instagram famous gluten free bakeries called Erin McKenna’s. It was a 20 minute subway ride away (each way) from my work and even though the actual store was nothing to write home about, the food was well worth the small journey.

Food (9.7)

I got an assortment of goodies but mostly donuts. Wow is the word that best describes this food. I wrote a review of Plum Bakery in Montclair NJ which is another 100% gluten free bakery that is famous to the northern NJ area. I noted in that review that although the food was really good, it reminded me of those older corn bread-ish gluten free recipes from years ago. As if they were stuck in the past and didn’t follow along with recent advancements in gluten free recipes. Well, Erin McKenna’s is the exact opposite and has created incredibly tasty desserts based on advanced recipes. They even boast that their products are soy free, vegan and kosher, although being gluten free is all I really care about.

All in all, the donuts were incredible as were some of their other goodies such as the cinnamon roll and the cookie sandwich (both not pictured here – I ate them too fast). Dare I say, the donuts reminded me of a Krispy Kreme donut which used to be my favorite.

Service (N/A)

This rating criteria is for restaurants. In the case of By The Way Bakery and Better Bites Bakery, I rated them as if they were products because I found them in Whole Foods and was limited to what Whole Foods was offering. In the case of this review and Plum Bakery, I was able to visit the store and talk with a clerk/representative and pick from their full offering. That is why I’m rating this as a restaurant.

Menu (8.0)

The store was very small so their kitchen and shelf space was limited. That means their offering was a bit limited, even more so then Plum Bakery. This isn’t a bad thing though. Their treats are still incredible and there are plenty of options to keep you busy staring through the glass trying to decide how much weight you want to gain (I chose to gain a lot).

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This is a 100% gluten free bakery. No outside food or drink is allowed in and of course, no gluten whatsoever. You can walk in as a confident normal eater and walk out happy.

Overall (9.5)

I absolutely love this place and their food. I’m not exactly sure what else there is to say except if you are near one of their locations (NYC, Disney and LA – maybe 1 other I’m forgetting?) then you must stop in and grab a few treats. You’ll thank me later.