Mo’Pweeze Bakery Cupcakes

Mo'Pweeze Cupcakes

Making a product that is completely allergen free has become a popular (and beneficial) trend as of late. Obviously everything I review is entirely gluten free (or they get a bad rating for being deceiving). But some notable brands go the extra mile in omitting many other allergens from their recipes.  Greater Knead makes great bagels that are free from the top 8 allergens. Better Bites Bakery makes delicious desserts that are also free from the top 8 allergens. This review is about a new kid on the block that makes cupcakes and other baked goods free from the top 10 allergens. This brand is called Mo’Pweeze Bakery based in NJ.

Ease of Cooking (N/A)

As I’ve mentioned, many of my reviews cover foods that require cooking which is why this category is here. I keep it in reviews that don’t require cooking, such as this one, for consistency. With that said, this rating is not applicable for this review.

Food (9.6)

I absolutely love these mini cupcakes. I bought them thinking there was no way they could be good. But then I remembered the delicious Better Bites Bakery cupcakes and realized that these actually have a good amount of potential. Well, Mo’Pweeze hits that high bar set by Better Bites Bakery and might have even reached higher. I got this box at Whole Foods and it came with three flavors – Sani-Bani Vanilla Strawberry, TD’s Choco Raspberry and Double Vanilla Delight. The choco one was very good but the two vanilla ones were far better in my opinion.

Honestly, I can’t believe these Mo’Pweeze cupcakes taste as good as they do and are 100% vegan and completely free of the top 9 allergens. Well done Mo’Pweeze, well done.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

These cupcakes were made in a dedicated gluten free and nut free facility. My gut was in complete happy unison with my taste buds.

Overall (9.6)

This review is based on the cupcake products that I found at Whole Foods in Edgewater but I have not been to the actual bakery in New Jersey, where I’m sure they offer many more products. Another thing I should mention, after reading their website, they also offer customized desserts upon request if there are other more strict diets that requires you to omit certain ingredients not listed as a top 9 allergen. This place is the real deal and if they can make other desserts that taste as good as these mini-cupcakes, then wow. I love this product and can’t wait to visit their bakery in the future. I highly recommend these cupcakes.

Here is their website for more information