Greater Knead Bagel Chips


Greater Knead Bagel ChipsIf I were to have a theoretical “last meal” it would definitely be a bacon egg and cheese on a traditional NY style bagel. Not because of the bacon, egg or cheese – but because of the bagel. Those are just great toppings. Needless to say, bagels have been my favorite food since I was a kid. In my celiac days, there have been a number of different gluten free bagels that have hit the market. Some of them are great like New Cascadia, Trader Joe’s and even Greater Knead.¬†Some aren’t so great like Against The Grain (which is surprising since their other gluten free bread products are fantastic – will review in the future). This review isn’t about a bagel though, but instead a snack-able gluten free bagel chip. I’ve never seen this kind of gluten free product on the market before but Greater Knead has taken our favorite flavors like everything bagels and cinnamon raisin and incorporated them into crunchy, bite sized bagel chips.

Ease Of Cooking (N/A)

I typically don’t review snack foods but a few exceptions make the cut, including these Greater Knead Bagel Chips. With that said, there is obviously no cooking involved with this product. It is a snack ready to eat right out of the bag. Majority of my reviews are for cook-able foods which is why this category exists. For consistency it will always remain in product reviews, even if it is non-applicable – N/A.

Food (9.2)

I’m not sure what to compare these bagel chips to. Do they sit side by side with potato chips? Maybe gluten free crackers? Or maybe actual bagels themselves? I’m going to say none of the above. They sit in their own category with the flavors of our favorite bagels.

I mentioned how much I love bagels in the opening paragraph for a reason though – so that you understand my bias towards anything involving bagels. With that said, these bagel chips are amazing. Very crunchy and packed with the perfect amount of flavor. I can’t decide which I like better, the cinnamon raisin or the everything. I go back and forth. The only downside is they didn’t have bigger bags and that these are very hard to find around my area.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

These are made in a dedicated gluten free facility and are actually free from the top 8 major allergens. Impressive all around.

Overall (9.4)

I love these things. They are very addicting so on one hand I’m glad that these are so hard to find around here. They are crunchy in all the rights ways and pack just the right amount of flavor. If you see these on the shelves anywhere, definitely grab a few bags. I’m not sure what other flavors are out in the wild but my hope is to find a spicy version of these in the future, like jalapeno or something. Either way, I will be stocking up next time I see any flavor of these.