Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash Pizza Crust

Butternut Squash Pizza w box

There are many variations of gluten free pizza crusts out there today. Some are made of potato flour, some cauliflower, some casava and I’ve even seen ones made of chicken. But Trader Joe’s, in true Trader Joe’s fashion, has come out with something totally unique. This might be a seasonal (fall) item but they have released a butternut squash gluten free crust into the wild last month and it is great!

Ease of Cooking (7.1)

So this crust is a bit difficult to cook. Yes, it is quick and yes the instructions are easy. But if you use a convection/toaster oven while following the directions you will for sure burn the edges of the crust. This happened to me twice. On my third attempt, I used my big regular oven and followed the directions and the crust burnt heavily on one side but wasn’t cooked enough on the other side. Grant it, my regular oven isn’t the best performer which is why I use my convection/toaster oven all the time.

So on this recent try, I went back to the convection oven but tried a different temp. I dialed back the recommended cooking temp to about 410 (instead of 450). Then on the last step I broiled on medium instead of high. The crust felt like it wanted to break apart a little bit but it never did. This was much better then eating charred butternut squash crust like I did the first few tries.

Butternut Squash Pizza Box Back

Food (9.5)

This crust is better than their cauliflower crust in my opinion. It actually has much more substance and flavor then most gluten free crusts I’ve tried (of all varieties) but the best part about it is that it holds together really strong. You can load this pizza up safely with a bunch of heavy ingredients and you more then likely won’t have an issue with it falling apart. I make it a point not to talk about health or calories on this blog since I am not a dietician but I must note this has far fewer calories then any other gluten free pizza crust I’ve tried. I really love this crust and will stock up on them in case this is in fact a seasonal product.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Trader Joe’s labels this as a safe gluten free product and my gut concurs. Enjoy this confidently and safely.

Overall (9.1)

This product is definitely in the upper echelon of Trader Joe’s gluten free offerings and I highly recommend it to anyone gluten free. However, buy two or three of them in case you overcook the crust the first time and make sure you actively monitor the cooking process. If you start to see it char on the outsides, just dial the temperature down until you find the right number. Regardless though, this is a very tasty product and even if you do overcook it the first time, it will still be very enjoyable. Grab a few now while they are still on the shelves.

Butternut Squash Pizza Box Front