Better Bites Bakery Cupcakes & Bites

UPDATE: This review was originally for the cupcakes from Better Bites Bakery ONLY. I’ve added the Dough Bites to this review as well but only in the food/taste rating. The overall score does reflect these dough bites too now.

Do you remember eating Hostess Cupcakes as snacks when you were a kid? Or maybe your non-gluten free kids still eat them? Either way, they were delicious snacks that I used to love. I had almost forgotten about them entirely in my adult life until recently in Whole Foods when I saw these Better Bites Bakery Cupcakes in the refrigerated dessert aisle. Whole Foods forgot to label the price sticker as gluten free but I was intrigued by the packaging. Little did I know before inspecting them that they would be gluten free, dairy free, nut free and free of the top 8 allergens! I was pleasantly surprised and grabbed a few boxes to try out.


Ease of Cooking (N/A)

They come ready to eat out of the box and out of your fridge. So there is obviously no score here.

Food – Cupcakes (9.1)

I’ve had other snacks before that were totally allergen free/school safe that were pretty decent. But this Better Bites Bakery brand definitely takes the cake (pun intended). They offer a big “mostess” cupcake sold individually and mini ones packaged together in groups of 6. I found the coconut cream filling to be inconsistent in terms of how much there is so I preferred the mini ones instead (more chances for better filling – more cream the better). But either way, these were delicious. I had a hard time not devouring all of them in one sitting. Again, for being free of all those allergens I assumed they would be taste free also. Boy was I wrong. Chocolatey, soft, chewy and creamy in all the right ways.

Better Bites Bakery Cupcakes

Food – Dough Bites (8.9)

I definitely liked the cupcakes better then the dough bites, but not by much. These dough bites are just as chewy as the cupcakes and really hit the spot. The chocolate chip version was by far my favorite but I liked the sun better flavor too (a peanut butter flavor without the peanuts or nuts). Overall, it was hard to put down the box after having a few (HINT: I ate them all in one sitting – go figure). You might have similar restraint issues after eating one or two. If you hold strong then you command my ultimate respect.

Better Bites Bakery Dough Bites

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Free of the top 8 most common allergens, including gluten. As safe as you can get. School safe too.

Overall (9.0)

As you probably have noticed, my overall scores aren’t weighted consistently and they don’t reflect an average either. This is based purely on “feel” and not math. But for this review, the overall score is the average of both product food ratings. I really like this brand and hope to find more of their dessert products on store shelves asap! I recommend both of these treats to everyone!

Check out their website here and find out where you can purchase them