DiGiorno Pizza

DiGiorno Pizza

It’s not delivery. It doesn’t contain gluten. It’s DiGiorno – and their version of a thin crust gluten free pizza. This isn’t a new product but it has certainly been an elusive one. About a week ago I was in Target and was lucky enough to grab the last one in the freezer aisle. I don’t know about you, but before celiac I used to love DiGiorno thick crust pizzas. They always packed a ton of flavor and really lived up to their clever advertisements so I was excited to try their gluten free thin crust version.

Ease of Cooking (9.2)

Set it and forget it, my favorite way to cook. This is as easy as any other frozen pizza you cook in the oven. I had to deduct points because this pizza cooks much faster then what the directions call for, but that could be entirely dependent on the oven. Either way, very easy. Just watch the pizza and take it out once the cheese starts turning brown.

Food (8.3)

The taste was pretty great but there were two reasons why this didn’t end up in the 9’s. Today, compared to years ago, the options for gluten free pizza is astounding. I still would like to see other major brands step into the gluten free pizza game but so far a lot of big players are making their contributions. I mention this because there are now many different tasting gluten free pizzas out there. Some I love, some I really like, and some I don’t like that much. This falls into the high end middle of those three non-scientific categories. I really like it a lot, but pizzas such as Quest and Against the Grain (review on the way) are better I think.

The other reason is because I think DiGiorno produces some incredible normal, gluten filled pizzas that I can remember distinctly. So there is a built in bias in terms of high expectations here. It’s DiGiorno’s own fault for producing such awesome pizzas. I wish they could have found a way to make the crust a bit thicker to resemble some of their more famous pizzas but this was still really tasty.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This isn’t certified gluten free but it is produced by Nestle, a company I would typically trust with their labeling. However, regardless of my trust, unless they can verify that this is 100% gluten free from the beginning of their cook to their packaging then take this with a grain of salt (gluten if you are into puns). I didn’t have anymore nima capsules at the time of this review so I couldn’t verify with Nima either, but I felt perfectly fine after – for what that is worth.

Overall (8.1)

This is a really good gluten free pizza. I do like others better, but I would buy this again and be happy. This score would be in the high 8’s if they were able to acquire a certified gluten free label but for now, an 8.1 seems just right for this.