By The Way Bakery Cakes

By The Way Bakery Cakes

I’d like to believe that since it was Halloween recently, my sweet tooth gets a free pass in indulgence. But that’d be incorrect, there are always justifications for eating sweets, whether they are good or bad. In this case, it was great! I recently found these By The Way Bakery gluten free cake slices in Whole Foods and just had to snatch them up. At first, I thought these were just cake slices made by the Better Bites Bakery¬†brand that I reviewed a while ago. They make great gluten free desserts. I was wrong, this is a totally desperate bakery that has locations in and around New York City. They apparently specialize in cakes made entirely without gluten or dairy. With that said, onto the important stuff.

Ease of Cooking (N/A)

It’s a cake that is ready to be eaten right out of the refrigerator. If you have been following my reviews, you are probably wondering why I’m going down the “product review” path and not the “restaurant review” path like I did with Plum Bakery in Montclair NJ. This is because I’ve never been to the actual By The Way Bakery and therefor have no experience with their shop or their full offering. This was a product I purchased in Whole Foods of Edgewater NJ, therefor making this a product review.

Food (10.0)

I love dessert but I’m not the biggest cake eater. I’ll take brownies, cookies, ice cream and tasty treats in that realm way before I’ll go after a cake slice. Well, if cakes were made like this growing up (gluten free or not) then I would feel much differently about my dessert preference as an adult with celiac. So to put it simply, WOW. These cakes were astonishingly good. I figured I would have a few bites of both the raspberry and the confetti cake and then put it back. NOPE! Ate both of them immediately. I couldn’t resist as they were insanely good. I’m still in disbelief over the fact that these were both gluten free AND dairy free.

I made a point in my Plum Bakery review that I feel like gluten free recipes have advanced greatly over the years. Plum Bakery is a great bakery with an incredible assortment of tasty gluten free offerings but I always felt their un-changing recipe made them fall behind a bit. They still have that corn bread type of taste of older gluten free recipes. By The Way Bakery, on the other hand, is a perfect example of those gluten free recipe advancements though. The fact that these are gluten free and dairy free and still this good puts them on a whole new pedestal. If I get married anytime soon, this will FOR SURE be the bakery that I go to for a delicious monster of a gluten free cake.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Once again, I need to be rolled around after eating these but I did not get glutened whatsoever.

Overall (10.0)

If you are lucky enough to find these in your local Whole Foods or grocery store, snatch these up. If you are lucky enough to be near one of their actual bakeries (which I haven’t visited yet) be sure to stop in and grab something. You can thank me later.

Find out where they are located by visiting their website here