Trader Joe’s Hamburger Buns

TJs Hamburger Bun on Burger

Apparently these have been around for a while but I’ve never seen them until recently. I’ve had hamburger buns from all the major brands including Three Bakers, Udi’s, Canyon Bakehouse and more. As I’m sure you all have just as much experience with these breads. Some fall apart, some taste fresh and some taste like the stereotypical cardboard (not saying any of the aforementioned ones do). But how does the famous Trader Joe’s stack up with their version of a gluten free hamburger bun?

Ease of Cooking (N/A)

This is a bread/bun product that requires no baking and is ready to go right out of the bag.

Food (9.1)

As far as taste goes, it was pretty good. I think it definitely ranks up there with the big dog brands in terms of taste. But honestly, after being celiac I don’t typically care too much how the bun tastes. Maybe that isn’t the case with most of you? For me, the meat cheese and toppings are what brings the burger to life in terms of taste.

With that said, I’m really looking for my gluten free bun to hold up well and not crumble when I load it with cheese bacon, avocado, mushrooms and whatever else my heart desires. We all know Udi’s doesn’t hold up well but they taste pretty good. We all know Canyon Bakehouse tastes pretty good and holds up great. For Trader Joe’s, this tastes pretty good and holds up fantastically. The fact that it looks like a real bun and has sesame seeds on it, makes it all the more better in my book. Just looking at it makes me think it belongs in the next McDonald’s commercial. Hard to believe it is really gluten free.

Did I Get Sick? (NO)

Fully gluten free. I was very full but perfectly fine.

Overall (9.2)

These taste very good but no better then the best gluten free buns I’ve had from the major brand. That isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact it is a very good thing. But where this bun shines, is how incredible it looks and how well it holds up while still being perfectly fluffy. For me, those are two things that were lost when gluten free buns had to replace regular buns. When you eat out at a restaurant and your whole table gets burgers but you get a gluten free bun on yours, you can usually tell the difference immediately with yours being the distinct odd one out. And while eating it, the whole thing typically comes apart. If these buns were ever served at a restaurant (which they wouldn’t), then I would assume that the kitchen messed up because this bun just looks and feels fantastic and it definitely won’t break apart whatsoever. Great bun and I highly recommend anyone who sees these at Trader Joe’s to stock up asap.

TJs Hamburger Bun Bag Back