Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix

Birch Benders Waffle

Pancakes and waffles are one of my favorite foods that are great for any time of the day. However, before I was forced into the gluten free world, eating them out at restaurants was always the preferred option. A lot of restaurants now offer gluten free batters but I have a hard time trusting them in cooking it safely. So my best option has been to buy my own waffle maker and griddle. Recently I’ve been testing out different mixes to see what I liked best. Birch Benders advertises their mix as the easiest to make; it just requires water and you are good to go. How easy is that?! If you’ve read my reviews, you know this product is right up my alley.

Ease of Cooking (9.2)

Honestly, this couldn’t be any easier. There are some mixes that require a degree in culinary arts to utilize the mix properly. Sometimes pre-made mixes require an extra egg, butter at the perfect temperature, oils (still not sure what that even means) and maybe the name of your first born child before you can properly cook the mix. Then sometimes you have to make sure you don’t mix too much or maybe too little. As you can tell, I am NOT a baker and certainly didn’t do well in chemistry as a kid.

So enough about those other mixes, Birch Benders couldn’t be easier. All it requires is a measuring cup and the addition of some water into the mix and you are good to go. I like to add a little honey, cinnamon and some protein powder (if I’m feeling healthy) to the mix to add a bit of sweet flavor.

Birch Benders Ingredients

Food (8.7)

At first, the mix was a bit on the plain side even with syrup and butter added on top. It still tasted good, but then after a few trials I started to add honey and cinnamon into the powder which really helped bring it to life. I’ve tried both the “gluten free” version of Birch Benders and the “paleo” version. Both are great and deserve the same score as both require a bit of honey and cinnamon, in my sweet tooth’s opinion. If you are feeling dangerous, adding some chocolate chips will help you fully embrace your wild side.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Certified gluten free. No problems with either mix. But make sure you are buying the right one as this brand does offer other mixes that aren’t gluten free.

Overall (8.9)

This is a great mix for anyone who doesn’t like complicated cooking, like me. It tastes really good too but it definitely requires some extra flavor in the batter to really bring the taste to life. Overall, I recommend this product but cannot wait to taste and review other brand mixes asap.