Plum Bakery | Montclair NJ

Plum Assorted Goods

I typically don’t review places that are 100% gluten free but there are always exceptions. The reason I don’t usually review them is because we already know we can safely eat there. And although food taste ratings are a big part of my reviews, we all know it is the subjective part. Whether we can eat safely or not, based on factors such as service, food prep and other factors are the real important items for us to consider. But Plum Bakery of Montclair NJ is famous in New Jersey for offering an entire bakery that is free from gluten. They don’t even allow outside food or drink into the bakery to ensure full protection for us. Now, let’s get onto the review…

Food (8.1)

This place has been around for a while. I remember eating my first gluten free bagel and doughnut from Plum Bakery a long time ago and thinking it was the most heavenly thing I’ve ever eaten. Mainly because there weren’t as many options at that point in time for gluten free eaters compared to now. I’ve bought baked goods from here a lot over the years and the food is always consistently good. But as gluten free products and foods have advanced over the years, Plum has stayed true to its core recipe. This is both good and not so good. It used to be amazing, but has fallen into the “pretty good” category lately as other baked products out there are tasting better and better.

Let’s get a little more detailed with the taste and variety. Plum Bakery baked goods are very thick and doughy which is great in my opinion. The variety of baked goods they offer is also bar none the best around this area. You can find things like pound cake, doughnuts, cinnamon buns,  bagels, cupcakes and many types of cookies and bread. That is just the tip of the iceberg actually. But all their products have a very corn bread type of taste to them. Again, I’ve only started to notice this over the years as other manufacturers and restaurants have advanced their gluten free recipes. Maybe I’m just being picky, which I shouldn’t be. Maybe my taste preference has changed over the years? Or maybe I’ve just had these baked goods too often. Either way, their offerings are incredible and I recommend visiting this place to anyone that is gluten free. But my score has to reflect my taste bud’s experience.

For the record, my favorite baked good they offer is this loaf of bread that is stuffed and baked with egg, bacon and cheese. Absolutely phenomenal and this item alone deserves a very high score. Their bagels are really good too but I prefer Trader Joe’s GF Bagels or New Cascadia’s GF Bagels instead.

Service (N/A)

This is not applicable as this is a bakery, not a restaurant. But I will note that the staff is incredible, friendly and very knowledgeable if you have any questions about their offering.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This should have an N/A instead of a NO because this is a 100% gluten free facility. You are safe to eat anything that they sell.

Overall (9.1)

Taste is obviously very important but safety and variety has their own pedestals that usually take front and center with these reviews. With that said, any place that is 100% gluten free will receive at least a 9.0 on this review site (unless the food is downright awful but I’ve never had that experience before). If you are in the area or within driving distance, take the trip and make the stop. You won’t be disappointed.