CPK Frozen Margherita Pizza

CPK Pizza Close Up

Before my gluten free days, California Pizza Kitchen was always one of my favorite chain pizza restaurants. Over the last year or so, CPK has been making some great strides in the gluten free game. I know their restaurants have been trying to become a gold standard in gluten free safety but this is review is about the frozen take home pizza you can find at grocery stores, like Target. That is where I found this margherita pizza.

Ease of Cooking (9.2)

Set it and forget it, my favorite kind of cooking. However, all ovens vary in how quick they cook. Mine likes to cook things faster then expected so I had to watch this one closely. Although my oven cooks quickly, this pizza is definitely easy to overcook. Mine came close but I got it out just in time, about 5 minutes earlier then they recommend. So make sure you monitor it.

CPK Back Pizza Box

Food (8.1)

This wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be, but it was still pretty good. I think the inherent problem with frozen margherita pizzas is that, by their very nature, they can’t use fresh mozzarella and resort to frozen tomato bits. Fresh mozzarella doesn’t mean more flavor necessarily, but is delicious nonetheless. So for a frozen pizza that has generic mozzarella, it should have a bit more spices in the sauce or something to add flavor. The crust is great though and there was plenty of cheese and tomato to make this worthwhile.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I felt perfectly fine after eating it. This product isn’t certified GF though but doesn’t mention anything about shared equipment.

Overall (8.4)

I personally think frozen pizza like Against the Grain pizza (review coming soon), Daiya gluten free dairy free pizza (review coming soon) and Quest Protein Pizza are slightly better, but this pizza is definitely worth a try.