The Konery French Vanilla Cones

The Konery Cone

I’ve been scouring the food aisles of grocery stores for 7+ years in search for tasty new gluten free products, as I’m sure many of you have since you became gluten free. In that time though, I can’t recall finding a gluten free ice cream cone. I can’t really say that I missed them entirely because I typically didn’t make ice cream cones as a kid or young adult. If I had ice cream, it was always straight out of the carton or from a bowl. Grabbing ice cream¬† from a local ice cream parlor would be the only times I really ever ate from a cone. Maybe I’m the odd one out here? I promise you, I had a happy childhood. Anyway, I found a gluten free ice cream cone about a week ago at Whole Foods and have been meaning to try it. I finally did tonight…

Ease of Cooking (N/A)

Not applicable here. Ready right out of the box.

Food (9.1)

These cones are really good. This is one of the situations where beggars can’t be choosers because I don’t know how many gluten free cones are actually on the market so it is hard to compare. But they did bring back some good memories of eating ice cream out from a walk up window as a kid.


No I didn’t get sick from eating and I also Nima tested it to be safe, even though Nima has some drawbacks (see my special Nima device review to find out why). You may be asking yourself, why would I even Nima test these cones if they proclaim to be gluten free? Well, this is another one of those instances where all the ingredients are naturally gluten free but they aren’t certified. Even though they advertise that these are rolled by hand, they are apparently produced in a facility with equipment that also handles wheat. I’m sorry but this is a big no-no in my opinion. Fraudulent almost.

I posted about finding these cones on my instagram and even featured it in a giveaway contest (that is still running at the time of writing this – closes Fri Oct 26th). But I never read the label on the back that clearly states this warning until I tested the product today. This is an error on my part as I inspect every GF food label top to bottom every time. These cones slipped through the cracks of my rigorous inspection process somehow.

Just so my readers are aware, whoever wins this contest will be receiving two additional surprise gluten free items (that are actually gluten free) to make up for this error. They will also receive a full warning from me so that they can either discard the cones upon receiving them or eat them at their discretion. Totally up to the winner. Knowledge is always power when it comes to safe gluten free eating.

If it means anything, as I mentioned, I did Nima test a cone and it came back with a smiley face, but there are drawbacks. I also ate the entire cone and did not get sick whatsoever. But as we all know, it can be luck of the draw when eating items that are produced on shared equipment.

The Konery Nima Test

Overall (4.0)

If they didn’t produce this product on shared equipment, then it would have received a high score like the food taste did. I’m happy they have that warning under the ingredients, but the fact that they label this gluten free in many spots on the box is just wrong in my opinion. This is partly why the score is so low overall. I cannot recommend this product to anyone with severe gluten sensitivities and especially those with celiacs (like myself). I took a risk in eating one for the purposes of this test because I vowed to be a guinea pig to help better inform others based in true experience. But I got lucky.

Here is their website if you want to research this company and their products further

P.S. The ice cream used in this test was the Trader Joe’s gluten free ice cream (made from coconut). The ice cream was pretty good but that will be reviewed on its own on another day.