Trader Joe’s GF Bagels

TJ Blueberry Bagel

Trader Joe’s has been upping their gluten free game in big ways, especially in the bread space. I don’t know about you, but if a doctor told me I could only have one type of gluten containing food a day from now on; it would be a classic NYC Bagel with any topping. I miss them more then anything and if you need to be gluten free like me, then you understand that a good gluten free bagel is very tough to come by. Trader Joe’s, please enter stage left (again). Thankfully, Trader Joe’s has come out with a gluten free blueberry bagel that tastes just like the real thing in all the right ways.

UPDATE: I’ve included the New Everything Bagel into this review along with a picture. Although their tastes are different because of the different flavors, the ratings are the same. The gluten free dough is identical.

Trader Joes Everything Bagel

Ease Of Cooking (N/A)

This is a bread product that is sold at room temperature. This rating category is meant for frozen foods that require at home cooking so this is non applicable. Just toast it up if you want and you are good to go.

Food (9.8)

It tastes just like a real bagel. I don’t know how they did it. AND it has blueberries in the dough, which is a big added bonus (at least for me). You MUST go find these bagels at your local Trader Joe’s and if it isn’t in stock, then make great friends with management and their customer service hotline. I paired this with butter and a drizzled honey and it was fantastic!

Update: If you have had their everything but the bagel seasoning or just like everything bagels, then you will LOVE their new GF Everything bagels. This review was originally written for the blueberry bagel but the everything bagel is the same GF dough composition, just with everything seasoning. Equally delicious, maybe more depending on your flavor preference.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Again, all systems clear. Literally and figuratively.

Overall (10.0)

Need I say more?