Feel Good Foods General Tso’s Chicken

Feel Good Foods General Tsos w Box

General Tso’s chicken is one of those foods that is often a distant memory for gluten free eaters. Hell, most good Chinese and fried food is a thing of the past for us. But every once in a while, there is that diamond in the rough Chinese restaurant that offers safe gluten free food or a random frozen dish in the freezer aisle of your supermarket. This was the latter and offered by Feel Good Foods. They are a company out of Brooklyn that is known for producing some tasty and convenient microwaveable gluten free dishes.

Ease of Cooking (9.9)

It’s microwaveable. That should say enough. All that is required is a small poke into the plastic film, nuke it for a few minutes and it will be ready to go.

Feel Good Foods Back Box

Food (6.8)

It’s not bad. But it isn’t the best. I wish there were was more chicken but isn’t that always the case with these microwaveable dishes? An imbalance of carbs to protein? In terms of taste balance though, it was a little too sweet for my liking, even though General Tso’s is supposed to be sweet.

Feel Good Foods General Tsos

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Certified gluten free. Need I say more?

Overall (7.1)

Yes, it is very easy and you all know how much I like easy cooking. But taste weighs more then convenience sometimes, especially with a microwaveable product.