Friedman’s | NYC

As you might know, New York City is home to a ton of great gluten free accommodating restaurants. I’ve been to a lot but there is also a lot that exist undiscovered by many. Fear not – I will work daily to find them. But one small chain sticks out above all of them. Maybe Friedman’s isn’t exactly a “chain” in the traditional sense but they do have a bunch of locations in the city and is a place you’ve probably heard of.  Friedman’s is a unique dining experience that offers an eclectic breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that caters to both gluten eaters and gluten free eaters alike. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better spot that is so dedicated to safe gluten free eating that isn’t a dedicated gluten free establishment.

FOOD (9.0)

I’ve had varying experiences here in terms of food taste. Sometimes I would score it as an 8.0 and other times have been a solid 10.0. But overall, the food has never been less then great and tops off at fantastic. I’ve had their omelets, chicken sandwiches, GF bagels, and breaded options. The GF bread for their sandwiches is pretty decent. Not sure what brand they use but it holds up well for bigger sandwiches. Their GF bagels I believe are Udi’s but never asked so I could be wrong. Where this place really shines though is their french fries (dedicated fryer of course), mac and cheese and the outstanding fried chicken and waffles. Honestly though, you can’t go wrong with whatever you eat on this menu. Go back multiple times if you can and try everything. You’ll thank me later.

SERVICE (10.0)

Service here is outstanding. All the times I ate at this chain; they asked if we had any allergies. They were extremely knowledgeable, informed me of their cooking prep practices and made sure to take every precaution. Their training here is top notch with regards to allergies and gluten free eating but the servers have it easy because the kitchen is setup perfectly to safely accommodate. Your food also comes out with a flag on it to let you know this food was cooked in a separate station and is completely free from gluten. Why can’t all places that offer gluten free options do this? The only other spots that have service this good with regards to gluten free eating, so far, are Greenhouse Café in LBI, Bistango on 29th in NYC and Bin 14 in Hoboken. However, Friedman’s is much more well rounded about it so that is why they scored a perfect 10 here.

MENU (9.9)

They have a small disclaimer that states “99% of our menu can be made gluten free, just ask.” It is very true and very honest. The only reason they don’t get a perfect 10.0 is because they don’t tell you what that 1% is that you can’t have. I’ve never asked so shame on me but a 9.9 isn’t so bad of a score. This is me being picky, I know, but worth noting.


Nope. My gut was happy. My stomach was full. And everything was right as rain. As I mentioned they have a completely separate gluten free kitchen and bring out your food with a gluten free label on it. You are very safe dining here.


Absolute top notch food. Top notch options. Overall a top notch place in terms of catering to our gluten free needs. Well done Friedman’s. I will return. This is a must visit for anyone in NYC and gluten free.