Dino and Harry’s | Hoboken

Dino and Harry’s of Hoboken has been a staple steakhouse in the area for over 25 years and for good reason. Even though I haven’t reviewed as many steakhouses as I would have liked to lately, they remain my favorite dining option. For one, I love a good steak. But in terms of gluten free, steakhouses are usually abundant with delicious and safe options. I could spend another paragraph or two talking about the architecture of the restaurant and how it looks and feels like it is 100 years old and straight from vintage Hollywood. But instead, let’s just get to the ratings of this review.

Food (8.9)

I’ve been to only a few steakhouses that are better than Dino and Harry’s. Places like Capital Grille, Prime 112, and Maestro’s are among my top three with more competition on the way. But Dino and Harry rests at a comfortable 4 or 5 spot which is very good.

Dino and Harry’s steaks are always cooked perfectly and their thick cut bacon appetizer is something I believe should be a staple at every steakhouse in America. I like the bacon appetizer so much now that I am actually disappointed if I don’t see it on a steakhouse menu, or any menu actually. My girlfriend and I split the porterhouse for two, which came pre-sliced (which I love for a steak this size especially when sharing) and a little under medium (we ordered medium but still delicious). They only season their steak with salt and pepper if you have an allergy but honestly, the steaks don’t need any other additions. We also ordered a side of mushrooms to pair with the steak which is always great.

Service (7.8)

I’ve eaten here a lot since I live nearby and the service is generally the same. In terms of gluten free eating, the service isn’t what you would expect from a prominent steakhouse. It is better than most normal restaurants but the servers here rely fully on the kitchen to attain their knowledge of what is gluten free and what isn’t. Not a problem, the kitchen does a good job but because the servers don’t know how to help you off hand, communication tends to be on the weaker side. They definitely don’t oversee your order in the kitchen either for safety assurances and usually have a runner give you your food. At a normal restaurant, this would be worrisome. But because it is a steakhouse, there is a built in advantage in terms of safety.

I’ve always ordered the bacon and some meat for entrée in my dining visits but have yet to really venture off into other parts of the menu. So I can’t be certain if their vast menu options would have that same built in advantage.

Menu (5.5)

There is no mention on the menu of gluten free or allergy accommodations whatsoever. This always surprises me at steakhouses considering most of the menu is naturally gluten free. So why not just add the markings and train your kitchen or staff a little bit to appeal to an even wider audience? Oh well. Again, this is a steakhouse so naturally there are many options but can’t say I’ve tested all of them personally. Even if I have though, the rating here would not go up.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I have eaten here more than a dozen times and have never gotten sick once. I usually stick with the bacon appetizer and some steak entree. But I’ve ventured into some appetizer specials like crab cocktail, bacon wrapped scallops and steak tartare and been completely fine. Just make sure you force some communication with your server and stay away from any of the usual gluten culprits if you decide to venture off into other parts of the menu.

Overall (7.9)

The food is great here and because it is a steakhouse there is an automatic built in gluten free advantage. The service regarding gluten free eating is decent as well but the lack of any gluten free markings, labels or disclaimers on the menu is what brought this restaurant from a mid-high 8 into a 7.9. I definitely recommend this place to a gluten free eater of all types though. Just arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible going into it.