Banza Mac and Cheese

Banza Mac and Cheese 2

I’m back at it again with another gluten free mac and cheese review for you. This time, the mac and cheese comes from Banza, whom is famous for making the high protein chickpea pasta. I must say, their chickpea pasta is very tasty. Although I haven’t written a review of their pasta yet (at this point in the time), I will tell you that it is my go-to gluten free pasta for everything right now. But their stove top mac and cheese (called mac and cheddar) might be a different story. Read on.

Ease of Cooking (6.8)

If you’ve read my reviews then you know that convenience and easy cooking are what I’m all about. Therefor, anything that doesn’t require “set it and forget it” baking or microwaving tends to receive lower scores, naturally. So read this with a grain of salt if you don’t mind cooking.

This is a stove top mac and cheese that gives you a powdery cheese mix along with uncooked pasta which means you need a pot, strainer and a decent cleanup. For this mac and cheese, it also requires milk to mix into the cheese powder after the pasta has been cooked. This is what drove this score below 7. I was lucky to have milk but I don’t always have it in my fridge and never thought to check the box if I needed anything when purchasing. This might be common and maybe I was expecting a cheese “sauce” instead, like Daiya Mac and Cheese offers. But either way, not the easiest but definitely not difficult either.

Food (7.5)

I might have messed it up by using unsweetened almond milk, or maybe I used too much. Can’t be sure. Maybe I didn’t mess it up at all. But the cheese ended up being much thinner and more runny than I expected, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of. The pasta itself tastes fantastic though and the cheese flavor is pretty decent. Overall it was pretty good but I would choose Daiya over this if there was a competition of stove top mac and cheeses. I will be reviewing more in the near future though. The Trader Joes version is my favorite but it isn’t a stove top mac and cheese so I don’t want to compare it here.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Certified gluten free. Nothing I need to say.

Overall (7.4)

Would I buy this again? Potentially. Would I recommend it to someone? I would 100% recommend Banza pasta and for that person to make their own cheese sauce or even use another brand’s cheese sauce. I love their pasta. But I think the fact that this is a powder and requires your own milk limits the potential. I also think it needs a bit more punch in the flavor department.