O’Doughs Bagel Thins

Odoughs Bagel w Avocado

I’ve been on a gluten free bagel hunt lately and have found some pretty incredible ones. From Trader Joe’s Blueberry Bagels to New Cascadia NY Style Bagels, my taste buds have been very happy. O’Doughs reputation has been floating around in a positive manner within the gluten free community since I can remember. But only recently have I found them in stores. Let’s see how they stack up…

Ease Of Cooking (8.0)

It states right on the package that you should freeze these puppies. But it doesn’t instructions on how to reheat them for optimal taste. I don’t possess a toaster which is probably a downfall for my bread and bagel testing but a convectional toaster oven has served me well. I put these frozen bagel thins in the microwave for a few seconds to defrost and then toasted them in the toaster oven. They came out pretty good but as toasty as I expected – more floppy actually. Instructions on the bag would have been nice but I guess they assume we aren’t idiots, which isn’t the case with me sometimes.

Food (8.6)

These were pretty good. I used them to make an avocado toast of sorts but I imagine these would be really good as a sandwich bread. The fact that they are free of many allergens and are only 100 calories each (these are bagel “thins” after all) and still have this much substance and flavor is remarkable. I really enjoyed these but I’m not sure I would put these in the classic “bagel” category. Maybe they belong more in the bread category?

Did I Get Sick (NO)

These are certified gluten free. No problems here.

Overall (8.2)

These little guys lived up to their reputation. I do prefer more traditional gf bagels such as Trader Joe’s and New Cascadia. But as a low calorie and less guilty alternative these are really good and I will continue to buy them, at least as great sandwich bread.

Check out their website here and where to find them