New Cascadia Bagels

New Cascadia Bagel w Omelet

These bagels were recommended to me by someone on instagram who is well respected with a ton of experience in the gluten free world. Here is her GF website. Honestly, without this recommendation I probably would have never heard of this place. New Cascadia is in Portland, Oregon which is the other side of the country from me. But they do ship (at a hefty rate) so I decided to take a stab with these. Sorry wallet, you only live once though right? This recommendation did not disappoint one bit. So worth it!

Ease of Cooking (7.0)

To be fair, these bagels come at a disadvantage. They arrive fresh, but you either have to eat all 12 in one day or put them directly into the freezer. I tried a plain bagel the minute they arrived in the mail and all you had to do was toast it, typical and easy. But before you put them into the freezer, you must cut each one in half to prevent them from sticking upon re-heating. After you freeze, it is recommended you microwave for a little bit and then put in the toaster. This isn’t that bad honestly. But this paired with the high shipping cost forced me to deduct points here.

Food (10.0)

The shipping cost and minor hassles I described above are very worth it. New York style bagels have been a distant memory since I was forced into the gluten free life. Most of the gf bagels I’ve had, with the exception of a few, have cardboard as their main ingredient. But these bagels are as close to the real thing as I’ve ever tasted. The crust on the outside has that New York burn crunch that just can’t be found from store bought gluten free bagels. The inside is fluffy and chewy in all the right ways. These bagels are absolutely the best gluten free bagels I’ve ever tasted. Trader Joe’s Blueberry Bagels held this title for a short while but are now in second place. These New Cascadia bagels absolutely deserve the crown. Why can’t other places figure out this recipe?

UPDATE: At the time of writing this, Trader Joe’s had not come out with their Everything flavor bagel yet. Although the Blueberry and Everything bagel from TJ’s are similar, the Everything bagel has become the reigning king since writing this New Cascadia review. 

Did I Get Sick (NO)

These bagels are made in a gluten free facility so you are perfectly safe eating these. I honestly had to check the packaging twice before and while eating these bagels because I just couldn’t believe they were actually gluten free. You know something is incredible tasting when you have to do the gluten double take.

Overall (9.5)

The overall score deserves a 10 honestly, just based on taste alone. But the inaccessible nature of these bagels, high shipping cost and need to freeze them is what brings this down a bit. Regardless of those minor setbacks, If you can spare the money, go buy them. These bagels are the new reigning king, and long live this king.

Find these bagels and order them here